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Top 5 Email Marketing Tips for 2021

The best discovered email marketing tips to maximise audience engagement to bring you massive traffic.

After years of being introduced to email marketing, the evolution and growth of its approach is something to admire. From practising direct marketing via email spams and now implementing spam-free email marketing had brought the approach from one end to another with solid reasons and benefits explained behind this transition.

Who introduced email marketing?

Speaking of which, we all need to thank Gary Thuerk, ‘The Father of Spam’ for introducing this incredible method of marketing. Ever since 1991, the internet has completely revolutionised how we live, work and play.

Over the years, there were many online and digital platforms introduced to connect people and market businesses in which some bloomed but eventually died since people kept moving forward with current trends. Not skipping out the witty tweets, quick-tips videos and memes that are trending today which we don’t know when they will die off either.

BUT, what’s unique and special about email marketing is that it has sustained throughout the generation and is proven to be a very powerful marketing tool that creates leads and a countless number of conversions which contribute huge revenues for businesses till today which justifies Email Marketing to be evergreen in the marketing world.

With such sturdy comments placed on email marketing, it is a sure waste if you don’t make full use of its benefits using strategic ways to create massive leads and conversions for your business.

Hence, after innumerable researches conducted and observations made on business big shots, we don’t want you to miss out on our discovery of the Top 5 Spam-free Email Marketing Tips for 2020. 

Email Marketing Tips #01

email marketing tips

If Social Media is the cocktail party, then Email Marketing is the ‘meet up for coffee’. The Original 1 to 1 Channel.”   – Erik Harbison

Personalized virtual bestie via email

The difference between people connecting with one another now and before is that we had to plan on a face-to-face meet up before. Only then do we learn the similarities in interests and likes of each other for us to stay bonded.

Today, with social media and many online platforms existing, we do not even worry about sharing our information to strangers virtually. The idea is that we no longer need to know each other personally to share interests and knowledge.

The same applies to email marketing today. Simply dropping emails that are not personalised are like buying clothes that you are not sure your lover would wear. Wouldn’t it be nicer and more personal if you were to understand what your lover likes and dislikes, and then get them clothes they never knew you would buy them?

With many digital marketing tools coming up, you need to raise your marketing approaching standards. Create marketing campaigns that truly connect with your recipients’ interests. Having mutual interests is how anyone become besties. So, this is the very spot for you to claim yourself as your leads’ personalised-virtual-bestie.

How to get personal? Divide your email list into targeted groups according to their age, gender, location and other relevant information. Then, carve a standardised mail for every segmented group so you get to communicate the right way to the right group of people.

Here is a sample for you:


Hey Issabelle,

Have we told you of this secret yet? The secret recipe of the best Nasi Lemak Bungkus in Puchong is leaked!

We found that this recipe is ridiculously easy which is definitely winning hearts of many Malaysians because not only are we all crazy about Nasi Lemak but this recipe is super healthy with the right amount of nutrients. So, we thought you should not miss out on the craze!

Download the recipe now and try it out. See for yourself how truly Malaysian you can get thereafter!

I wish you luck, Issabelle 🙂

Warm wishes,

FoodieYoda Team.

Email Marketing Tips #02

email marketing tips

Directly to Specific Reader

Have you ever felt like the gadgets have ears? It wouldn’t even pass a day that you spoke about a product and you’ll see them advertised or suggested on your mobile screens. That’s a win to personalisation.

When it gets to e-mail marketing, after segmenting your email lists you got to think of a deeper way to connect to your recipients. It looks ridiculous to know about someone in-depth without meeting them. Girl, that’s so 10 years ago!

Today, you can study almost every intention of people because they leave footprints, especially on the net. To know them better, you can study what services or products they were looking for, what found them appealing to click on your business webpage, what their values are and how they define excellent customer service and what motivated them to subscribe to your newsletter. With little traces left, you could discover a whole identity.

Another way to customise your email campaigns could be by conducting keyword research. You can find out what’s trending in your industry on Google Trends and suit your content accordingly so you have increased open rates, greater email relevance and lower opt-out rates.

Here on, you could easily communicate with every email list of yours like connecting to your bestie. Also, pay close attention to sending informative messages with appealing images that will get your leads to share with their circle of friends.

Email Marketing Tips #03

The FOMO Culture

Everything is fair in love and ATTENTION SEEKING!

Jokes aside, we just want to give you a reminder that we are all in a competition to grab attention. With people becoming pro at multi-tasking, you will need to create something really out-of-the-box and appealing that they stop to see or read your work.

Use witty headlines, attractive images and remember to practice straightforward contents. Let’s not waste their time. Not to forget the FOMO culture. Trends quickly die off and before you even take a step to fit in, a new trend is up.

So, you need to stay alert and create the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) culture into them. Everybody wants to be on-trend today. Don’t waste the opportunity. Take advantage of it and create urgency with titles that are ridiculous or humorous and grab attention in seconds!

Email Marketing Tips #04

Crystal Clear Call-To-Action

Connecting the dots from the above point, hear out the “WELCOME TO JUMANJI LEVEL 4”.

Well done for grabbing your leads’ attention and getting them to read what you got to offer. So, now what? They must do something about your campaign. Remember that you must have a clear purpose that you want to achieve via your call-to-action. On top of that, your CTA should be direct.

Whether you want them to visit your website, subscribe to your newsletter or make purchases in your online store, lead them using clear instructions and in an attractive manner that they will not be able to resist you. Be a magnet with words!

Email Marketing Tips #05

email marketing tips

Quality over Quantity

Just because you have power, you wouldn’t want to overuse or misuse it. You have access to people’s hearts with their email lists and their scope of interests with your products and services. Hence, the best way for your campaign to not end up in people’s spam lists is by creating relevant campaigns for your leads.

Only when they open your email, Google tracks that your campaign is relevant to people and will not be marked as spams. Plan your campaign flow and observe carefully if they make relevance to your people and give them what they want. Don’t go about sending frequent emails a month. The number is not the strategy here.

Learn it to Gain it!

Invest your time at planning and strategising your email marketing campaigns so your emails go spam-free always. These techniques shared to you may not be applicable in 10 years from now but what matters is NOW. We spent countless hours researching the strategies to originalise your e-mail marketing at its best.

But, if you feel the need to have a skilled team to take care of maximising engagement and scope, look no further than us because we have Marketing experts who are great at studying industries and their needs to cater to what they are looking for. Also, read up on Content Marketing strategies to have a deeper understanding of marketing itself. Simply click on the button below,  fill up your details and we will get back to you very soon!


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