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Pusaco Industrial Supplies Sdn Bhd

Website Development & Catalog Design

Premier Source for Industrial Solutions in Malaysia

Pusaco is a highly trusted industrial supplier based in Malaysia. With a remarkable track record and a steadfast dedication to excellence, the company has firmly positioned itself as a prominent player in the industrial sector. Their top products include Matsushima Conveyor Protection, Rexnord Conveyor Top Chain, PTI Coupling, SejongFlex Food Grade Hose, and KwangJin Rotary & Swivel Joints.

The Challenges

Pusaco acknowledged the urgency of updating their outdated website, as it can deter visitors and convey a sense of stagnation. Additionally, they aimed to revitalize their old, possibly outdated product catalog with a modern and visually appealing design to enhance customer service.

Pusaco website

Our Role

Together with Pusaco, we embarked on a journey to revamp their website, with a primary focus on redesigning the user interface and user experience. Our goal was to elevate the website’s visual appeal while simplifying navigation for visitors. In addition to this, we also paid meticulous attention to crafting engaging and informative website copywriting that effectively communicates Pusaco’s commitment to excellence in industrial supplies. Our design and content experts also worked with Pusaco to revamp their product catalog, enhancing it with high-quality images and comprehensive product descriptions and specifications.


Our project with Pusaco yielded impressive results, including a revamped website with enhanced user experience and visual appeal. Furthermore, our design and content expertise successfully transformed their product catalog into an informative resource. This involved creating high-quality product images and crafting detailed descriptions and specifications. The combined efforts not only improved user engagement on the website but also elevated the catalog’s effectiveness in helping customers explore Pusaco’s wide range of industrial supplies with ease. These results reaffirm Pusaco’s position as a leading force in the industrial supplies industry with a modern and customer-focused digital platform and an attractive product catalog.


  • Enhanced user experience

    Visitors found it easier to navigate the site, resulting in increased time spent on pages and improved engagement.

  • Visual appeal

    The revamped website and new catalog design boasted a contemporary design that appealed to both new and returning customers.

  • Compelling copywriting

    The website copywriting effectively conveyed Pusaco’s commitment to excellence in industrial supplies, making it clear to visitors what sets them apart in the industry.


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