How Boxter Transforms the Safety Shoe Industry in Malaysia


Boxter’s recipe to success lies in their high-quality safety footwear

When it comes to safety, one should never take it lightly. As the leading safety shoe manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia, Boxter put their blood, sweat, and tears into creating the best safety shoes that can provide maximum protection to the wearers.

Without leaving anybody behind, Boxter’s safety shoe is suitable for all workers in all industries.

The Start of It All

A few years back, a lot of employers were not aware of the importance of providing proper safety shoes for their workers. So, they just bought any safety shoes they could find on the market without caring for the quality.

More often than not, those safety shoes turned out to be short-lived and uncomfortable. The employers found themselves having to replace them after a short period of usage while the workers were complaining about having leg pain and being less productive at work.

Boxter’s founder and director, Decker Swee came across this problem and thought he had to do something to resolve it.

That was when he came up with the idea of his own safety shoes business in Malaysia. His main priority is to provide durable and comfortable safety shoes to workers in all industries.

Boxter Safety Shoes Stand Out from Others

When first starting the safety shoe business, Boxter realized that a lot of the shoes on the market could not withstand harsh working conditions, which defeated the purpose of safety shoes.

So, Boxter took the initiative to create highly durable safety shoes that can survive harsh working conditions. Not only that but the shoes were also designed to be super comfortable.

With these two main features, durable and comfortable, Boxter’s safety shoes were set to become the best safety shoes in Malaysia.


DOSH SIRIM Certified

As per the government’s rule, all personal protective equipment including safety shoes must get approval from the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH). This is also to maintain the standards of safety among all brands.

Boxter is one of the safety shoe brands that are DOSH SIRIM certified. This proves that Boxter’s safety shoes are among the best.

More information: Boxter DOSH SIRIM Certified Footwear (Latest)

1 Year Guarantee

What is unique about Boxter is that they are the only safety shoes manufacturer in Malaysia that provides a 1-year guarantee against manufacturing defects. Other manufacturers only provide a maximum of 3 to 6 months guarantee period. This demonstrates Boxter’s confidence in their shoes’ long-term durability.

More information: Enjoy 1 Year Guarantee when You Buy Boxter Safety Shoes

Used by Top Global Companies

Boxter safety shoes are loved by not just Malaysian, but by companies all around the world too. Nippon Paint, MASkargo, Perodua, Honda, BMW, Sime Darby, Petronas, Top Glove are some of their customers.


Challenges in the Safety Shoes Industry

Like any other business, Boxter also faced some challenges.

“The safety footwear industry is honestly very challenging”  – Decker Swee (Founder and Director)

Getting complaints from people who said their safety shoes did not work was one of the most difficult things for them to deal with.

Boxter will have to deal with customers complaining that the shoes they bought are not as advertised. For example, the shoes broke down easily and not durable at all.

In most cases, this happens when employers buy the wrong safety shoes for their workers without taking into account the type of work that they do.

When employers buy unsuitable shoes for their workers, the shoes will not last long regardless of their durability.

How Boxter Overcome the Challenges

Boxter will try to explain to the customers first. Naturally, they are some who will understand and some that will not.

For those that do not understand, Boxter will replace the shoes for them to avoid prolonging the issue.

Nevertheless, Boxter never loses their spirit. They took it as a lesson to further improve their products and services.

Boxter Plans for the Future

Boxter’s target as a company at the moment is that they would like to supply safety shoes to all industries and factories in Malaysia.

Their main goal is to focus on the Malaysian market before venturing into overseas markets.

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