How To Write Powerful Product Descriptions that Persuade Prospects

Product descriptions are super helpful for any online store, small or big.

Certainly, web visitors will want to know more about the product they’re interested in buying.

Hence, by writing product descriptions effectively, visitors can become your next customer!

Not only that, they can boost your brand identity and SEO for maximized website conversion rates and sales.

Want to know how? Our copywriters and marketing team have compiled these amazing tips on writing powerful product descriptions.

What are Product Descriptions?

Quite literally, product descriptions describe your product. You can either write in sentences or bullet form displayed close to your product image.

Elements of Product Descriptions

  1. Tone consistent with brand
  2. Strong readability
  3. Solid selling points
  4. Not too hard sell
  5. Don’t overclaim


How to Write Effective Product Descriptions for eCommerce Websites

Strategize Content

By this, we mean brainstorming on the who, what, when, where, why and how. You should already have this ready for your product even before going online.

But, SEO product descriptions need to be smart. Put the most impressive selling points forward!

Format of eCommerce Product Descriptions Template

It’s not just simply listing down product details, especially when online shoppers skim through words on websites. However, bullet points aren’t always that effective.

Good product descriptions that sell should be creative and enticing. So, we recommend 2-3 sentences about the product, bullet points for features, and tables for specs.

Short and Simple

When you don’t have a product description strategy, it’s easy to get carried away. One good rule of thumb is to keep it short and simple with only relevant product details online shoppers appreciate.

Boast but Don’t Overclaim

Boasting about anything seems pompous and pretentious. But if done right, it may intrigue web visitors to buy your product.

With that said, be careful to avoid overclaiming your product features because it might bite you back if they are not met.

Using Convincing Media

Adding one single image and text alone works but it’s not that influential for shoppers to click Add to Cart. What we found is that including short videos or tutorials on how to use the product is that final nudge of confidence.

Be uniquely you

Now we know it all depends on your brand image where consistency across all channels is crucial. But, if you feel it won’t hurt to try, create description examples that are unique from the market and test them out.

SEO Product Description Writing Examples

Take note of the above for keepsake purposes but of course, examples of good SEO description are what you really need. But, SEO for product descriptions isn’t that easy to master. Take a look at these effective product descriptions examples below.

Kantan Food Asia

prawn-mee-paste-product-description instant-cooking-paste-info

Boxter Footwear


B&F Group


Writing Good Product Descriptions That Sell

This eCommerce product description template is definitely helpful if you’re unsure how to write great product descriptions.

When you have an effective product description formula, you can then focus on capturing those leads!

Still hesitant to try yourself? We can help you with our value-driven marketing strategies to raise you to the next level!

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