Powerful SEO Tips for a Small Business in Malaysia (FREE Tools)


Powerful SEO has an enormous impact on the success of a business

Meaningful SEO is how people find you easily through search engines. Considering that a majority of users don’t look past the first search results page, you’ll want to finetune your website’s SEO.

If you think improving SEO is too technical, think again! Here are our chosen SEO tips perfect for small businesses in Malaysia.

Free SEO for Small Businesses in Malaysia

If you’re a small business in Malaysia, having a website might not be your priority…

But if your business has growth potential, building a simple website can help you reach a wider audience.

The popular opinion is that small businesses reach more people by creating viral content, but it’s rarely that easy.

Even if you are lucky enough to gain more customers this way, having a website lets them know they can trust you.

Once you have your own domain, creating SEO content is easy and free!

How to land on the first page on search results


Add in relevant keywords

Any SEO strategy must have keyword research. Once you have a list of relevant keywords, you’ll be able to attract more customers easily through organic searches.

Our strategy is to optimize the content on each page with value-driven SEO keywords. This includes main pages, product pages, and blogs.

When you hear the word ‘research’, you must be thinking of how long it takes to gather keywords. That’s why we recommend using Google Keyword Planner where you can filter through hundreds of keyword ideas.

Target featured snippets

Featured snippets appear on the top of the Google results page. It’s super helpful as it answers a user’s question without opening another page.

Not only that, it is one of the primary ways to attract organic traffic. So, a smart strategy would be to create content that can help you have this valuable SERP feature.

We cannot promise that your pages will end up as a featured snippet but here are our tips to get featured snippets:

  1. Google search your target keywords to see if there are any featured snippets.
  2. If there are, take note of their content and edit yours accordingly.
  3. If there aren’t any, center your content to accurately answer the target question.
  4. Use headers and subheaders to easily rank for searches.
  5. Create content with bullet points, lists, tables, and long-tail keywords to really increase your chances.


Optimize metadata for all your pages

When Googling anything, the first thing you’ll see is the Page Title and Meta Description. This helps you decide if the page is really worth your time.

Some people don’t bother editing this since it is set by default but we find it to be very helpful to convince users to click on your page.

If you have a hard time thinking about titles, try the Headline Analyzer by Monster Insights.

As for the meta description, make sure you include the focus keyword and keep it light to bring in clicks.

Shorten your URL structure

It may not seem important, but improving your URL with short yet descriptive text is a sure-fire SEO strategy.

Optimizing your URL takes less than a minute so even an SEO beginner can do it easily.

Basically, an optimized URL helps search engines better understand your page and brings a more user-friendly appearance.

Here’s an example:

Powerful SEO Tips for a Small Business in Malaysia (FREE Tools) 

The default URL is /powerful-seo-tips-for-a-small-business-in-malaysia-free-tools/ but a better and more concise URL would be /seo-tips-for-a-small-business-in-malaysia/.

More SEO tips to improve your organic ranking

Above are just some of the low-cost things you can do to increase your ranking. There are several other SEO strategies to improve your organic search rankings on Google.

  • Understand how Google’s ranking algorithm works
  • Have a backlink profile strategy
  • Increase page speed by removing unnecessary elements
  • Optimize your graphic elements
  • Conduct routine site audits
  • Learn from your competitors

Of course, all of these take a lot of time to do and to see actual results, especially if you’re a solo beginner. But that’s why professional SEO services exist!


Which is the best company for SEO services?

Placing Google Ads can help but using SEO is better.

If you want your website to succeed without breaking the bank, optimizing its SEO is the No.1 strategy. However, it is quite demanding since you need to research a lot and keep track of your success rate.

So, hire a trusted SEO agency in Malaysia that can provide you with ongoing monthly SEO services to improve your rankings in search results. Here, we offer monthly SEO services including on-page and off-page optimizations, keyword targeting, link building, content writing, and more.

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