Why your business needs Google My Business

Why Your Business Needs Google My Business

Why Your Business needs Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB), previously known as Google Places for Business has been offering companies a great opportunity to appear on the Google search engine. Being on this platform, anyone can know your business.

We remember having days of phone books and business cards as primary methods to make people know we exist. With online directories, your business is easier to find with Google My Business Malaysia.

Why your business needs Google My Business

Why your business needs Google My Business?

  1. Shows Up in Google Maps Searches
  2. Shows Up In Google’s Local 3-Pack
  3. Star Ratings Boost Your Business
  4. Increases Traffic and Sales
  5. Ranks Higher in Results
  6. Free Google Advertising
  7. Stands Out from Competitors

1. Shows Up in Google Maps Searches

Why your business needs Google My Business

The next most important factor that sells your services or products after an online review is searching for a local business that is in proximity to the searcher’s location.

Today, almost everyone Google searches for anything under the sky. Imagine the benefit you’d gain out of putting your business location on Google Maps. People nearby would love to know you!

Google Maps has the ability to immediately populate with dozens of red markers, each indicating local business that suits your search criteria. They will immediately know you run a business they are looking to know more or work with.

You only need to create a Google My Business account with simple steps. Create a Google My Business listing and complete the verification steps, you’re good to go!

2. Shows Up In Google’s Local 3-Pack

If you noticed, for the past few years when you Googled for local businesses, there was a 7-pack listing displayed on the top page of the search results. But, now it has been reduced to a 3-pack listing in the connotation of the best 3.

screenshot of maps GMB

To get into this club, many businesses have been doing tricks to boost their local rankings to be included as the odds of Google’s local 3-pack.

But, let us tell you the secret!

What most businesses do not know is, by simply creating a free Google My Business listing, you can already have great chances of being the odd yet the chosen one by Google.

What’s the best about being in the local-3 pack?

Your business shows up on the listing to show users where your business is located on Google Maps as well as show up before the organic results. That’s a big skip! GMB offers you the benefit of your visibility.

P/s: From a business perspective, brands that show up on Google’s local 3-pack get a whopping 700% boost on clicks compared to brands that don’t. So hire a cheap and reliable google my business 3 pack company now!

How will GMB (Google My Business) help optimize my business?

  • Outshine by sharing the latest and useful information.
  • Engage with customers via reviews and inquiries.
  • Set up a free mobile-optimized website in less than 10 minutes.

How do I optimize my GMB?

  • Complete your Business Profile information
  • Post relevant content
  • Choose a specific and relevant category
  • Upload good photos relevant to your business
  • Use a local contact number
  • Monitor the Q&A section
  • Gather Google Reviews

3. Star Ratings Boost Your Business

screenshot of GMB

Online reviews today are the biggest influencer for potential customers’ purchase decisions. As a consumer, have you thought of how you bought something online. Did you buy the product with the highest reviews or the lowest?

Not only will you be open for honest feedback and evaluations, but also portray that you are genuinely good or should improve. Those nifty star ratings next to your business on Google also play a huge role in boosting your business.

Though this process takes time, your business is sure to appear reliable and credible in the long run. This is especially helpful when your business has competitors nearby and you need to gain a competitive edge.

4. Google My Business Increases Traffic and Sales

Increasing quality website traffic is a challenge on its own. While you cannot run away from the ups and downs throughout the year, what you can have control of is to continuously add values searched by your potential customers.

Hence, having a Google My Business listing can boost your numbers at a great difference across the board. There are impressive statistics that stated brands having Google My Business listings have customers purchasing products or services up to 50%.

5. Google My Business Ranks Higher in Results

Why your business needs GMB

To be frank, you need to know how to impress Google using your business details. That does not mean you should do anything only to make Google like your business. Provide quality, consistent and accurate information, Google will get you ranked higher in its Search and Maps results.

You need to supply as much information as possible so you can rank higher on Google My Business.

6. Free Google Advertising Platform

The most common ways we know of getting to the top of Google’s SERPs are via Google Ads campaigns and by improving the SEO. But, we also do know the Google Ads requires a budget to run the ads and content-driven SEO takes a longer time to build up your authority and ranking.

What you might not know is, a Google My Business listing offers a form of fast and free advertising on Google.

First, it costs nothing to create, claim and verify your listing. It takes a short time to optimize your profile with accurate information. And, you will see results quicker than with building up your organic search results through websites.

So, while you make use of Google Ads and SEO to drive traffic, you shall add this marketing strategy that is cheaper than Google Ads and faster than SEO to reach your business marketing destination.

7. Outshine Your Competitors

People are always in the rush and they simply do not have time to stop and read long descriptions. To cater to the short attention span, your Google My Business profile displaying necessary information will do a great help.

To top it off, an effective Google My Business description offers a quick snapshot of what your business provides, your unique selling point and values.

That small snippet of content can drive huge traffic to your business if done perfectly. So, doing so gives you an opportunity to outshine your competitors.

GMB is now more robust with answer boxes, related questions, and suggestions in the drop-down menu. So, enjoying the benefits of Google My Business digital marketing the best way could always make you different from others.

How To Use Google My Business To Get More Customers

Why use the difficult ways alone when there are easier ways too? Why not make the best out of both worlds?

With that in mind, we suggest you follow the best inbound marketing examples to build bigger traffic to your online platform. Not only can you create an establishment, but also add genuine value to your community.

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Also, we welcome you to reach out to us for effective marketing activities done for your business by our Marketing Experts. You need not crack your head about Marketing. Take care of your business and we will bring you customers.


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