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5 MUST-HAVE Elements to Increase Website Conversion Rate

website conversion

For every 100 visitors, you can expect to only get 2 customers. And that too is a pretty good website conversion rate.

Typically, website conversion rates average around 2%. There are many websites that only have a 0.1% or 0.2% online conversion rate. This also means that it takes them, 1000 visitors, to get a customer.

If you’re facing the same issue, you’re reading the right article because we have proven results of our clients’ website conversion rate optimization using these 5 Steps. Recheck if your website has the elements that we are mentioning to improve your website conversion rate.

What is website conversion?

A website conversion happens when a visitor of your website completes a pre-determined and desired action on your website such as signing up for a newsletter, enquiring via the WhatsApp button, or filling up the inquiry form. The percentage of visitors that complete such actions are known as your web conversion rate.

Website conversion via free downloads of Guidelines / Tips / Recipes / Manual / Catalogs

When your visitors click on your website, it means they are intentionally looking for a solution to something they are experiencing. And, they hope for your website to provide them with the solution.

It could be as simple as precise details of the products you offer or recipes for unique dishes. But, first, you need to identify what your visitors are expecting that you’re not providing.

How can you find out?

You can grasp the possible issues that your potential customers face by the calls and inquiries you receive depending on the nature of your business. It could be regarding a recipe that is trending online, machinery features that they want to rent, or even a manual to run a food business.

Increase Website Conversions with WhatsApp call button

website conversion

The Whatsapp Call Button is one of the few forms of good Call-To-Action on your business website.

53% of people said that they prefer to shop with a business they can contact through a direct message.

Your website will look more effective, interactive, and welcoming by adding a CTA button, especially the WhatsApp call button if that is one of the ways your customers can reach out to you.

Whatever route you choose, getting on board will allow you to connect to millions of people who use WhatsApp every day to boost your eCommerce conversion rate optimization.

Web conversion through a phone call button

It is not only about adding a phone call button on your website and waiting for the online store conversion rate to happen magically. As an added effort, you need to conduct special campaigns alongside the phone call button.

Why? Here is where you can identify if the campaigns are what your visitors are looking for. It is a “trial and error” process that you need to practice in order to identify what your potential customers are looking for in your business services and products.

But, remember that there are businesses that receive more phone calls than any other inquiries due to the nature of business and the type of clients they cater to. For instance, if you offer heavy machinery rental or parts servicing, your clients will be people who manage construction projects or work in the mining industry. Hence, they usually want answers or solutions immediately on quotations or machinery services. They prefer to call and enquire directly.

So, if your business website has the phone call button in strategic places such as the Landing page, Products page, and Services page, you are high to increase website conversion rate. More of your visitors will be your customers.

Website conversion via Quote Form

If you are running a project-based service business, then displaying a high-end, user-friendly request quote form on your website is a must. This form not only makes it easy for your customers to get in touch with you but ensures that you get to collect all the information you need in order to personalize your quotation for each customer.

How to create a basic request a quote form?

A business that provides services with flexible prices should have a request for a quote form for a high converting website. Instead of leaving your visitors hanging on what they should do, you can provide them with a form of what services they are looking for – specific services or combo. This form can help you scale your business and improve website conversion rate.

Here, you can collect leads as well. So, take note of what you need in your Quote Form:

So, make your form as simple and straightforward as possible because you should not allow your potential customer to spend more time filling out a form which may cause them to fill it up halfway making them forget to click the Submit Button, get distracted and you are left with no inquiries.

You can get most of the details after your potential customer drops in their inquiry via your website. At least now you have a lead.

Website conversion via Enquiry Forms

website conversion

Inquiry forms are the most basic CTA that your website should have as a channel for website conversion. Another way to upgrade this inquiry form is to incorporate a CTA link or banner on every website page. This will trigger visitors to click on them and fill up the inquiry forms.

Blog pages are a few of the powerful elements in your website to direct your readers and visitors to become customers. Not all customers are looking for services per se. They may also want to know how they can solve certain problems themselves. So, as much as your website can suggest such solutions it will build your credibility in the services you provide.

What happens next is that if the visitor is unable to produce good results, they can easily fill up the inquiry form on your blog pages. Which then leads to becoming your customer.

Keep track, analyze and optimize the website converting activities

Customers don’t just come falling from the sky. After all of the website conversion optimization efforts, remember to keep track of results if any. If you are seeing some results, you’re doing it right!. Then, you can improve them as you go with special campaigns and infusing with other website elements.

The best converting websites constantly analyze the outcome and optimize your website converting activities for optimum results.

With that in mind, you’ll need professional website conversion optimization services to build bigger traffic while you implement these techniques. Not only can you create an establishment, but also add genuine value to your community.

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