5 Inbound Marketing Examples that Flock Customers

5 Inbound Marketing Examples that Flock Customers

Inbound marketing can be overwhelmingly technical but once you get the hang of it, watch how fast it grows!

There are many outbound marketing messages that you choose to skip and some, replay to watch right? And many times we make use of the TV commercials to brush our teeth, grab some food or even get dressed.

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, knows its customers and target audiences to display to. This is why you come across advertisements and information regarding something you were recently searching for on Google or any online platform. And, you don’t skip what you want to look at.

What are considered inbound marketing?

What are some examples of inbound marketing? Here are some of the best inbound marketing examples:

  1. Blogs
  2. Google My Business
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Social Media
  5. eBooks

Inbound Marketing Blogs

Generally, blogging is the best flock marketing to target your audience on your business or online platform. With this content marketing example, produce educational content that addresses the pain points and questions of your target audience. Such relevant information gets your audience to stick around since you educate them with things they are interested to know.

Why blogging is important for business?

  • Drives traffic to your website.
  • Converts traffic into leads.
  • Establishes authority and expertise.
  • Achieves long-term results.

Google My Business

Today, almost everyone Google searches for food to try, places to visit, products to buy and services to subscribe to. So, if you have a business running and you want to tell people of your existence, then create a Google My Business account.

Why Google My Business listing is important?

90% of shoppers today search online when they want to find a business and 70% from them purchase from the business they find using Google Search Engine.

Google My Business listing helps your business appear to the right circle of the audience along with interested customers who want to learn more about your business. It contributes to higher inquiry volume and sales.

How will GMB help optimize my business?

  • Outshine by sharing the latest and useful information.
  • Engage with customers via reviews and inquiries.
  • Set up a free mobile-optimized website in less than 10 minutes.

How do I optimize my GMB?

  • Complete your Business Profile information
  • Post relevant content
  • Choose a specific and relevant category
  • Upload good photos relevant to your business
  • Use a local contact number
  • Monitor the Q&A section
  • Gather Google Reviews

Inbound Email Marketing

A successful email marketing strategy is more than tactics.

If you had not known, email marketing outperforms all examples of inbound marketing campaigns, including SEO, PPC, and content marketing. The reason being, you directly know what your target audience is looking for in your business. The key is in your words and personalization.

The 3 fundamental ways for you to leverage email campaigns:

  • Engagement – information, pictures, videos
  • Reminders –  your business adds value to your audience
  • Action – good and workable CTA

Inbound Marketing – Social Media

With millions of people flocking on social media, you NEED to have a social media account for your business to attract new and recurring customers. Similarly, just like email marketing, you need to create relevant content that makes people want to share and talk about it. That way, you gain followers who then potentially turn into your loyal customers. Be it Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, study where your niche and buyer persona.

Spend time creating social media promotion plan, then analyze your top-performing content and pay to promote the content that best resonates with your audience.

5 Inbound Marketing Examples that Flock Customers

Inbound Marketing – eBooks

Instead of feeling like another blog, a downloadable inbound marketing eBook feels far more like a real item of value.

eBooks inbound marketing primarily functions as a lead-generating tool that offers your users an opportunity to opt-in their contact information in exchange for your discovery. On top of that, writing an eBook gives you the ability to showcase your authority and credibility on a subject that concerns your audience which blogs can never do.

The perceived value of eBooks has made it one of the best ways to generate leads and collect data to create pools of community for your business.

Use eBooks to strengthen brand

Basically, eBooks can be one of the best ways to show people how trustworthy and reliable you are for answering subjects and questions that concern your audience. And having to engage with them in a creative way, you can keep looking for what your customers want, need, and desire.

Use eBooks as Marketing Campaign

For simpler topics, you can make use of blogs to share information that you have. But, with more complex topics and subjects, users prefer having a longer form of content with detailed information. You can’t give so much in blog posts.

So, create an eBook that builds around the theme of your marketing campaign. This way you can also take advantage of this marketing campaign to showcase your authority on the subject.

Not to forget, you can work smarter here on. Divide the content in your eBook as parts and make them your blog content with briefer information and later lead them to subscribe to your eBook. With such blog posts, infographics, videos, and podcasts, you have the ability to drive engagement and produce conversions.

Use eBooks to build Email Marketing List

Certainly, you can communicate with your audience at ease. But, the challenge lies in growing the email list.

Generally, 92% of consumers trust recommendations of their peers over online advertisements.

So, you are encouraged to promote your eBook on social media as well to create a personalization effect on people. It eventually makes it far easier to build the social proof that establishes trust and inspires people to opt-in and receive your content.

Ride on with Inbound Marketing

Talking to everyone can also mean talking to no one.

Online inbound marketing helps you to speak to the right circle of people and this way you waste neither their time nor yours. Hence, get your business involved in these 5 inbound marketing activities to increase traffic and boost sales as an all-rounder.

But, if you find this information to be quite technical and you don’t really understand the terms and their uses, reach out to our Professionals. We are detail-focused, so we are great at cross-checking your marketing activities for any issues and get your website ranked well again on the Google search engine fast.

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