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Logistics Business – How To Convert Online Leads To Logistics Sales

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Convert online leads into your logistics customers

The internet is undeniably flourishing with information on the power of B2B digital marketing especially from the impact of the COVID-19 hit. But, most logistics companies seem to neglect to invest in their digital presence. What more to convert online leads into their logistics sales.

Why use digital marketing in logistics?

The irony is that logistics is one of the perfect industries in which digital marketing (if done right) can grow its business tremendously. Why?

  • Customer relationships rely heavily on trust.
  • Sets yourself above the competition by establishing expertise.

How do you generate logistic leads?

The most thing we know to do in order to generate more traffic to a website is to make it mobile-friendly and interactive.

Well, there is more to it – buying traffics, optimizing SEO for search results, and sharing needed, problem-solving information.

These elements are essential for your website to gain more online traffic to your website.

And, doing so, you indicate that you are legit and experienced in the logistics industry.

Buy traffics to your business website

Paid advertisement is another term for buying traffics. We believe it is an excellent way to attract an accurate group of visitors to your website.

How to target the right audience?

  1. Know the goals of your ads
  2. Segment your audiences
  3. Create buyer personas
  4. Run ads on the right channel (Google, Facebook, etc.)

Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Convert Online Leads

SEO is a method of structuring content on your website to increase search engine ranking for specific terms in organic search results.

In other words, optimize your website with keywords that are frequently searched for in the logistics industry.

Doing so will increase your website’s visibility rate when potential customers search for words relevant to your business. So, play around with the right keywords!

Content marketing to attract potential logistics customers

What is content marketing and how it works?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content.

It attracts and retains a clearly defined audience – and, ultimately, drives customers to buy or subscribe to a product or service.

There are several things content marketing namely,

  • Blogging
  • Case studies
  • Social media marketing
convert online traffic

How to convert online leads to paying customers

Set the right Call-To-Action

There’s more than Call-To-Action when converting online leads into paying customers.

By placing inquiry forms or call buttons on your website will not guarantee that you will gains sales. Where you place CTAs and how you manage inquiries play a huge role too.

The most appropriate page to place the CTA banner is above the fold on landing pages or on the top portion of the web page.

For blog articles, on the other hand, is at the bottom of the article and in between the content where appropriate.

Attend to inquiry forms, quotation forms, and Whatsapp inquiries

It is very important that you attend to all the inquiries within the same day and better yet, within hours. It shows your credibility as a Sales Manager.

Also, the sooner you attend to possible issues, the higher the chances of converting them into buying customers. But, it depends if you can cater to their needs in the logistics business too.

Provide downloadable ebooks for free

If you can book some tips on ways to look for suitable logistics services for various businesses, it will surely be content that many possible visitors would want to download for free.

That way, you too get their data and later use it for email marketing campaigns and for email retargeting purposes. So, in a way you don’t lose your visitors in a visit.


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How do logistics get customers?

There are many logistics companies in Malaysia and you need to have a unique outlook so businesses want to subscribe to your transportation services.

How to realign your unique selling point? Use this list to set your logistics business back on track.

  • Company experiences, personnel professionalism, and quality control
  • Services and after-sales services
  • Facilities and equipment
  • Previous and current projects or clientele
  • Company and Personnel Credentials
  • Powerful CTA

Look into how you can serve your customers differently and ensure that their problems get solved.

How do I market my logistics company?

Stay ahead of your competitors and see more online sales success from your digital marketing efforts. With one of the main strategies being the website, here are 3 more marketing strategies for a logistics service provider to invest in.

  • Google My Business profile
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Content

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You can convert online leads into real sales in 2021

Bear in mind that even if you’re a traditional business, you need to have your own business website.

Also, we welcome you to reach out to us for effective digital marketing activities done for your business by our Marketing Experts. You need not crack your head about Digital Marketing.

Take care of your logistics business and we will bring you traffic and customers flocking on both your ads and websites.


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