Copywriting vs Content Writing. Know the Difference?

Copywriting and Content Writing play two different roles that fruit different results. So, you might be wondering if you were even writing the right type of content for your organization, especially with both types of writing being equally important in the digital marketing world and are in high demand among companies in Malaysia. If you are a business owner, you would want to know how Copywriters and Content Writers can impact your business sales and increase traffic to your business.

Yes, you heard us right! These writers are Superheroes at bringing traffic to your business and converting them into sales in the digital world.

There is only a fine line between copywriting and content writing. So, what exactly does a copywriter do? Does it even matter? Let’s discover it together!


No sentence can be effective if it contains facts alone. It must also contain emotions, images, logic, and promise.

What is copywriting?

Mostly, you know all the stuff you get in your Mailbox? That’s one of the copywriter’s jobs. Copywriting is a process of writing promotional materials that makes writers ‘a salesman in print’.

What is content writing?

A process of story-telling that adds values to readers and get them engaged with the content and the following ones.

Other aspects that Differentiate Copywriting to Content Writing are:

  1. Purpose of writing
  2. The direction of writing
  3. The Measured Goal


Purpose of Copywriting vs Content Writing

  • Copywriting – Writes engaging promotional copies that touch the emotions of potential customers, persuade them to take action, and convert traffic into leads and sales.
  • Content writing – Writes content in the motive of entertaining, informing, or moving readers. Mostly, in the intention of gaining traffic and building brand reputation and loyalty. Content writers generally write on specific subjects that connect to their niche readers. 

The direction of Copywriting vs Content Writing

  • Copywriting – This nature of writing is one-directional in which copywriters’ intention of writing a copy is more towards triggering customers to take action on either purchasing products than to add values and exchange ideas on specific subjects.
  • Content writing – Typically a blog content is conversation-like or multi-directional to connect with readers and add values based on the topics being covered. This approach best suits the motive of creating traffic to websites.


Goal measured in Copywriting vs Content Writing

  • Copywriting – The number of conversions created from the offer given by a write up determines the effectiveness of the copy. Alongside with the increment in the rate of revenue created in the company signifies that the copy has the power to trigger customers to take action and make purchases.
  • Content writing – It depends on the engagement involved in the specific subject or topic in the blog or posts. The more the likes, shares, and comments, the more value the posts bring to people which eventually creates more traffic to the online platforms.

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Know the Difference

The best way to easily distinguish between oranges and mandarins is similar to how you look at the difference between copywriting and content writing. Taste the words. No, you are not going to eat your papers, of course!

Copywriting is applied in social media marketing content, business copies, company profiles, brochures, packaging content, website content, email marketing, catalogues, etc. And, who do copywriters team with? Yes! Digital marketing agencies and designers.

Content writing, on the other hand, is clearly manifested for ghostwriting purposes in blogs and social media in the clear purpose of sharing ideas and thoughts to add value to readers and people in general. Adding value to people can bring any business a long way.

Hence, as much as copywriting brings you sales, you will need content writing in your business so your potential clients know your brand values. Only when people recognize your worth will they value your products and services. So, if you were to choose either of the writing for your business, think again.

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