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How to Convert Traffic to Real Sales – Heavy Machinery Business

convert traffic

Convert traffic online

How to ever convert traffic online that definitely make sales for a heavy machinery business?

There is no point in getting visitors who simply click through your website and pass on. You only make money online when you capture that online visitors and convert traffic to buyers.

But, heavy machinery suppliers typically make sales traditionally. With other traditional businesses making way to be visible online, it’s a smart move that you’re on the internet too.

Trust us, your business website will shower you with more enquiries and leads in the long run. 

How do I increase traffic to my website in 2021?

Buy traffics to your business website

The most obvious is buying traffic via paid advertisements. Be it paid search or display advertising, they are excellent ways of attracting visitors. Also, you get to build your brand and get your site visible to people.

But before you run any advertisement, adjust your paid strategies to suit your goals – want more traffic or looking to increase conversions too.

Anyhow, the best person to look for advice on running advertisements for your heavy machinery business in Malaysia is a professional Digital Marketer (Hint: Ours is cool!).

Content marketing for your business

Content marketing, on the other hand, delivers 3x as many leads and costs 62% less than other marketing channels.

Content marketing does not only open up a conversation with your audience but keep conversations fresh, helpful and engaging over time too. Also, content marketers who blog are said to see 13x more positive ROI.

So, as you build your content marketing approach via blog articles, you boost your SEO and traffic.

Generate high-quality content that is relevant to the heavy machinery industry in Malaysia and share downloadable catalogues for your audience.

When you produce useful content that answers searchers’ questions, Google will reward you with a better ranking in the search engine results.

convert traffic

How to convert traffic to paying customers?

There is no one way to converting leads into your paying customers. But, generally, you need to remember that your leads will turn into your customers only if you follow up with them as soon as you can.

The slower the follow-up, the higher the chances of losing business to a competitor.

Your heavy machinery business website can corporate with more than one Call-To-Action channels. We’ve put together 5 easy tips to help you turn more website leads into paying customers.

Conversion by WhatsApp enquiries and direct phone calls


Most potential customers don’t prefer waiting long for feedbacks. That too means that they’d rather want to contact you directly to enquire than to mail you for quotations.

So, having a WhatsApp widget on your business website will increase the conversion rate as you get to address their problems immediately and provide them with solutions.

The same applies to direct phone calls. B&F Group, for instance, ensured to display both the Whatsapp widget, phone number and email address to provide options to their clients.

Don’t wait for your clients to contact you again for the next follow-ups. Instead, be ready to contact them asking if they are happy with the services and are looking for any other assistance.

Such a conversational business relationship will contribute to your heavy machinery business in the long run. The reason being, you are proving to your customers that you care for their projects and safety measures.

Conversion via downloadable guidelines for FREE

While you build your reputation, it’s best if you can contribute some value by sharing the most needed information or guidelines on wheel loader maintenance or handling manual for your site visitors.

Doing so is one of the ways to showcase your expertise and build credibility. As visitors share their email address to download the guidelines for free, you can then track their search data and feed them with the solutions for the problems they are looking to solve.

Here is where retargeting email marketing campaigns take place. Now, you will get smarter at keeping your visitors, converting them to leads and later your loyal customers.

Claim free vouchers for first-time purchasers

Everybody loves free things because they get to save up something while purchasing something they need. So, to have your leads convert into buyers, you need to first give them a reason to lock themselves up with you.

Claiming free vouchers could be one of the best ways for your customers to experience your products and services. Once they’ve signed a contract with you then it’s your time to shine and give your best in the business.

Featured and recommended products or services

When you trace your website clicking performances, you’ll realise that your site visitors click through random pages but not enquire or purchase anything.

So, have a business website with a monthly banner that suggests products and services and how they solve possible problems.

In a way, you’re also recommending them your bestsellers and most demanded heavy machinery in Malaysia. Indirectly, you get to guide your potential clients to make the right choices or the least, provide an opportunity to consult you to make a better decision.

Enquiry or quotation forms


The enquiry or quotation forms are common on a website. But, we suggest you pay extra attention to where you locate these forms and how powerful your Call-To-Action is.

Where do you put the CTA?

Above the website fold

What is above the fold mean?

Above the fold is the area your visitors arrive on before they begin to scroll to the content below. So, placing at least one CTA above the fold ensures it is immediately seen upon landing.


Inline throughout your content

Inline CTAs are located in the body text of a blog post that looks like an anchor text. They are typically bolded with in-your-face buttons at the end of your blog post or in the sidebar.

In popup to grab visitor’s attention

Ah! The classic website popup. Hate it or love it, popups are still one of the most powerful ways to get your visitor’s attention. But, make sure they don’t annoy your visitors making a bad impression on your website.

Apply simplicity, clear words and irresistible CTAs to get your visitors to invest their 10 seconds in reading your popup CTAs.

convert traffic

How do I get online sales on my website?

There are many heavy machinery suppliers in Malaysia and you need to have a unique selling proposition (USP) in order for contractors to buy machinery from you.

We’ve discovered 6 fundamental elements to look at so you can make a good heavy machinery manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia.

  •  Company experiences, personnel professionalism and quality control
  • Products and after-sales services
  • Facilities, equipment and spare parts
  • Previous and current projects or clientele
  • Company and Personnel Credentials
  • Powerful CTA

Look into how you can serve your customers differently and ensure that they are essential to solve your customers’ problems.

How do you market heavy equipment?

Stay ahead of your competitors and see more online sales success from your digital marketing efforts. With one of the main strategy being the website, here are 3 more marketing strategies for heavy equipment suppliers to invest in.

  • Google My Business profile
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Video Content

You can convert traffic into real sales in 2021

Bear in mind that even if you’re a traditional business, you need to have your own business website.

From all the advertising or social media marketing, you must generate the traffic to your website and avoid marketplaces such as that has too many competition. That way, you can also rank your website better on Google search results.

Suggested read: Improve your website ranking

Also, we welcome you to reach out to us for effective digital marketing activities done for your business by our Marketing Experts. You need not crack your head about Digital Marketing.

Take care of your heavy machinery business and we will bring you traffic and customers flocking on both your ads and websites.


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