Your Ultimate 2020 Website Copywriting Guide

High-converting website copywriting helps you to create more leads, subscribers, and sales effortlessly. We know that everybody wants to slide away from working hard whenever we can.

Copy is not written. Copy is assembled.

Copywriting may not seem like an easy job. And, you are dang right!

But, we assure you that investing a little extra time into writing result-producing copy benefits you in long term.

What are the types of copywriting?

Copywriting can typically fall under 2 categories:

  • SEO Copywriting – to gain organic traffic to your website.
  • Direct selling copywriting – is derivative of TV advertising urging people to take action.

What is website copywriting?

Basically, website copywriting is a process of writing a copy that is designed to prompt action on your website – either to subscribe to your newsletter or services, purchase products, or even for inquiry.

What makes good copywriting? When you see an intentional form of writing throughout your website with no words going to waste.

We have heard of people who think writing content for their website is like a piece of cake. It’s wonderful if you know what you’re talking about. But, some really do not understand that this web copywriting skill rarely comes easy.

For those of you who want to learn website copywriting tips or would love to have a cross-check on your website copy work, check out our 10 Fundamental Elements in our 2020 Website Copywriting Guide.


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How do you do website copywriting?


1. What is the purpose of copywriting?

2020 Website Copywriting Guide

Before placing a dot on your copy, you need to first identify every goal of the page you are writing. You must be clear about what you want the reader to do after reading this copy. Break down your goal into precise steps.

What happens if you don’t have an objective? Your website will not bring you leads nor sales.

Also, place huge importance on penning down what you want to achieve out of every page of the website. Everything that is written will give you a clearer idea of your goal.

What is your website’s purpose?

To get started, take into account your business type and the location in which the website fits within your broader customer journey.

What does this mean? Here are what you can look into,

a. Service business

If your business provides services of any kind, you probably want your visitors to fill out some contact details in a lead form.

b. Product business with shorter buyer cycle

Here, there is a high possibility that you are seeking direct purchases from your visitors.

c. Product business with a longer buyer cycle

Prioritize email sign-ups, newsletters, or ebook subscriptions. Here, you can engage leads in an email marketing strategy with informative messages.

2. Always lead your copy with a motive

Next, understand that every page on your website has its motive. Do you want to have all the pages on your website because the more the merrier? You’re WRONG!

If I’m wrong, then how am I to know which pages are necessary for my business nature?

We are sure you have seen pages like About Us, Blogs, Portfolio, and Contact Us. These pages are a need for all business websites. Other pages depend on your business nature.

Do remember that you do not want to drag and bore your readers. Stick to your motive.

Let’s take the Service page, for instance. Vocalize the service value proposition. The About Us page, on the other hand, establishes credibility and resonates with readers around your mission.

Research tells that we only have on average between 3 to 15 seconds to grab the reader’s attention.

So, we have to make the most out of the little time. We can’t emphasize enough to lead your page with a motive so your visitors are able to tell you the point of the page almost immediately without needing to scroll.

3. The end goal is to get the next line read

Every word and sentence must be intentional. Make the reading process easy by not using over-complicated words or sentence structure. Every word and line matters to make them want to keep reading the next lines.

So, it’s not the best time to beat around the bush. If your reader does not continue reading, the points that you want to make are irrelevant to them.

Here on, you may forget about your motive to get them to take action accordingly. Also, as much as we place a serious look upon being intentional, it is not a particularly setting high bar. Use simple words for readers to understand your message, direct and motivate them to continue reading.

This process may take several practices but you will get there for sure. It’s just a matter of time. You got this!

4. Customers’ needs and desires matter the most in website copywriting

2020 Website Copywriting Guide

A website copywriting is not all about you and your brand story but what you can give your pool of people.

Your customers care first about your brand story but that is only the first impression. The rest depends on the quality of products, experiences, and services you can provide for them.

It is one of the most common mistakes committed by most non-copywriters. They tend to focus on their business, brand, or subject rather than their target audiences.

Everything you say should connect to those needs and desires. Anything outside this line, eliminate in an instant.

5. Write a copy to a friend

Throughout what you write on your website, it should sound like you’re talking to someone.

Speaking to friends and big shots differ depending on the nature of your business.

If your target customers are business owners who are more prone to being formal in their business dealings, you’d rather want to speak in a formal but not-so-stiff tone. Unlike the creative or fashion-related industries, you need to convince your customers more professionally.

Good website copies read like a well-spoken person talking. It has a straightforward tone and gets to the point without rushing itself.

What are the basics of copywriting?

  1. Write a segment of copy and read it out loud. or, get someone else to read it out to you. 
  2. If it sounds like you’re playing business, jot down the main points of that segment. 
  3. Imagine telling them to a friend. Direct, short, and sweet. Then, re-do.

6. Have clarity in your copy

While many copywriters and marketers make a big fuss about persuasion and how magical a persuasive copy can be, we believe that the most important element of successful copywriting is CLARITY.

Your target customers already know what they want or need. You only have to clarify to them that your services or products are a great match for them.

How can I make my copywriting better?

Don’t get us wrong. If your goal is to trigger their fear or greed, then persuasive writing techniques can be helpful. But, if you are working with great products or services that customers will undyingly love, bid goodbye to persuasion.

You really only need copywriters because the average person sucks at written communication. When left with their own devices, you will see them creating confusing, disjointed messages that do nothing but misguide.

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7. Include WH questions

2020 Website Copywriting Guide

After all of this information, let’s do some cross-check if we are on the right track.

Recheck if your website copy clearly speaks of these elements:

  1. What is your offer?
  2. Why does it matter?
  3. Where is it offered?
  4. When is it offered?
  5. Who is it offered to?
  6. How does it work?

Check your lens and work on your copies if you get strayed. It’s okay, it happens. Hence, that’s why we have this step to get you back on track before you’re too far drifted. You’re welcome!

But, if you’d like to get better assistance, reach out to us for a personal touch. We will get you to your destination.

8. Incorporate proof in your copywriting

Nobody believes in magic until you prove it to them.

The magic behind great copywriting starts when you get to show proof to your customers with data, testimonials, examples, case studies, and statistics.

One of the best ways you can do this is to get your customers to review honestly on your services or products. From there, you can get some really good phrases for your copy.

What are you talking about?

Testimony 1:

“Honestly, of all the beauty consultants that I have spoken to, you have provided me with 90% of actionable and effective skincare tips that are really affordable.”

Then, convert these words into your copy:

“Learn the secret to being forever flawless using these super effective and actionable skincare tips without costing you a fortune.”

This is what we mean by incorporating the proof into your writing when possible.

9. Address objections and alternatives in your website copywriting

Before your customers come up with their “BUTs”, do some thorough research to counter possible and common objections and alternatives that may arise. Not because your services or products are irrelevant, but to show your target customers how you outshine others in the industry.

This is basically a sales technique and one of the most powerful persuasive writing you can utilize in your copywriting.

In interpersonal sales, the first person who brings up an objection wins.

Here is a website copywriting example,

“You might be thinking of this. And here is how we solve it”, then watch it become a bonus towards pushing the sale through. This is copywriting at its best. Take the most advantage of this one-way conversation but don’t do it too aggressively.

So, for this success to be yours, place importance on customer feedback. Here is where you identify the common questions asked. Also, don’t dig in too much of the things your leads are not possibly thinking about.

10. Magnetic CTAs in Website Copywriting

Basically, the ending is always short and sweet. So never over-pitch the sale. Instead, look to close at every available opportunity and have regular Calls-To-Action (CTAs). Some of the places may include points where new information is presented. It is like giving them a stronger reason to say “Yes” to you. Some professional website copywriting services provide this, us included!

The arbitrary rule of thumb is to never want the reader to scroll past two screen’s worth of info without a chance to convert.


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What is the importance of copywriting a website?

Basically, copywriting for website content can help you to communicate your solutions to your target audience. A copywriter for website content can also talk to your potential customers in a language that they understand and resonate with. Usually, this is done with SEO website content writing for organic results.

With SEO web copywriting, you get to help people make a decision that will hypothetically make their lives better. So, create a great copy and change the way people feel about your product. Then, give them the extra push they need to take the next step in forming a relationship with your business.

Make no mistake: great copy by a website copywriter can change the way people feel about your product and give them the extra push they need to take the next step in forming a relationship with your business.

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All in all, digesting all the mentioned tips can be a little extra work for you to work on. Hence, here is where we come to the rescue because we offer the best website copywriting services. So, check out our website copywriting rates and leave the word war to us.

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