Why every business needs a company profile

Company X came to us frantic! A Japan-based company required their services and wanted to look at their company profile.

They had a very outdated company profile, one that wasn’t international standard. So they desperately needed an upgraded one.

Unfortunately, not much could be done in such short notice. So we managed to design one that fit their requirements.

But luck was on their side! The Japan company postponed their meeting. We were ecstatic to hear the great news!

Thus we got working on a better version of their corporate profile which exceeded their expectations since we had more time to design.

Some companies feel like they don’t need it and decide to make one at the last minute. DON’T make that mistake.

Here’s why EVERY business needs a company profile.

  1. Target Customer

  2. Government Project Tender

  3. Open Tender

  4. Financial Institutions / Commercial Banks

  5. Federal and State Government Departments

  6. Potential Investors

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