inspiration or imitation

Inspiration or Imitation

NEVER cross the line between inspiration and imitation.

Especially if you’re a graphic designer, man-oh-man there’s so many rules! And rightly so!

If you often ask yourself ‘Is this okay?’ when putting together elements you collected from OTHER artists, it’s best you brush up on whether it’s inspired or outright copying!


  1. It's A-ok if you...

    1. Got the elements from a bunch of different sources
    2. Referred different artists, not blatantly being a copycat of someone’s design style.
    3. Took parts and features you REALLY need.
    4. Made the original design better (but don’t gloat on it!)
  2. It's NOT okay if you...

    1. Didn’t even bother reinventing the design
    2. Took full credit for it
    3. Think copying as flattering (It isn’t!)
    4. Feel guilty afterwards or scared that people will point out the truth! (better get your apology speech ready)

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