Graphic Designer’s Guide to Productivity

Being a graphic designer can take up a lot of your time. Deadlines, multiple revisions and overlapping projects can make you lose track of time.

Take a chill pill and get your notebook out. You’ll need these tips.

  1. Write a weekly to-do list

    Sometimes you can’t even remember what it is you forgot. Once you receive any feedback, incoming projects or notable points, jot them down immediately.

  2. Sort out your priorities

    Prioritize which projects are due soon and later. Then sort them out by assessing which needs more time to complete.

  3. Use your Calendar

    Print out a big calendar or grid your whiteboard of the days in a month. Then keep track of all the deadlines. Crossing them out is soo satisfying.

  4. Maintain a Clear Desk

    An unorganized desk leads to an unorganized headspace. I did some desk spring cleaning myself and boy, I’m much more relaxed doing work.

  5. Check Those Emails

    You know those pesky notifications that cramp up your phone? That’s all the emails you haven’t opened. Be responsible. But don’t just open them and leave them on read. We all know how that feels on the receiving end.

  6. Use email labels

    You can actually label your emails rather than arranging them into starred, spam and snoozed. Customize and color code them into categories. It’ll brighten up your email inbox totally!

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