The 6 Typical Graphic Design Clients Who Challenge Us Daily

The first thing that every business, in general, should understand is the importance of educating clients on how your business runs. The best way to go about handling different types of graphic design clients is to live up to this philosophy:

The more you work with people, the more you will know how to handle and keep them happy.

Just like many graphic designers – experts at presenting the best work outcome while providing great hospitality when handling different clients. Regardlessly, they are trained to achieve clients’ design targets. They too suggest the best concepts to look at. We consider these designers to be one of the many consultants that ensure your business hikes up through the right strategy; a perfect graphic design work definitely plays a major role.

The 6 Types of Design Clients Who Challenge Us Daily

  1. The High Maintenance
  2. The High Expectations
  3. The Totally Unrealistic
  4. The Graveyard
  5. The Helicopter
  6. The “Lemme Get a Sample”



#1 The High Maintenance Design Clients

Imagine taking baby steps together with your clients, they are known as The High Maintenance. These graphic design clients are usually first-timers who reach out to professional designers for help. And, they require transparency in communication and planning.

Seeing this, designers understand and typically invest time to explain to clients on all the processes that will take place before starting any project. With every progress made, clients can see their projects slowly blooming as they desire them to. By doing so, they will by default want to sustain a good professional relationship with the designers and instantly trust them.

#2 The High Expectations Design Clients

Any designers will come by this type of design clients who assume designing work can be done in a matter of minutes.  To solve or avoid this issue, designers simply break down every stage of the projects and the time consumed for each stage to clients. Designers find that it is the best way to inform clients of their work proficiency.

On top of that, they value clients’ expectations. Hence, while designers ensure that clients understand the time frame required to complete the project, they too, finalize the project soonest possible. By doing so, design clients would understand the complexity of the project which would ease the entire working process.


#3 The Totally Unrealistic

You’d be amazed by how expert designers handle these graphic design clients professionally. The totally unrealistic clients are typically newbies who have fresh ideas and dreams of how they want their designs to be. They are truly inspiring too. We would love to hear them out despite being unrealistic! However, to make them understand reality and possibilities, it takes only patience, empathy, and care.

Professional designers make it a point to get to know about the inspiration of the ideas and the sources of which they got them from. Then, they play with the power of reasoning that eventually get clients to understand what is possible. Later, they would work on ways to improve the idea during the revision phases. Bringing this kind of genuineness to the table will solve any issue.

#4 The Graveyard Design Clients

We all know how cold graveyards can get and that’s exactly what we’re talking about here. The Graveyard graphic design clients generally get excited to inquire and kickstart projects. Then, turn quiet and cold along the way. Deadlines are brought further and never really seem to find the end because these clients simply don’t reply to emails nor do they provide any form of feedback.

When designers detect such a situation at an early stage, they evaluate the approach to make towards the clients. Before starting any design project, designers usually set the dates and times for deadlines. Then, they explain the consequences if they get missed. If the clients turn cold at some point in time, they simply either drop a mail and wait for their reply or inform that the project resources will be taken off if they do not receive any feedback for a specific time frame. In worse case scenarios, drop the project completely.

We believe that handling any work professionally is the key to career growth.

#5 The Helicopter Design Clients

If only these clients have the skills to design, they’d rather do it themselves. It is not a trust issue that they have but they badly want work to turn out the way they desire it to. So, more than anyone, designers would work on design projects under their full supervision.

Expert designers tackle this issue by assuring these graphic design clients that they will work the hardest at creating a perfect work. Doing so will enable the trust-building process towards designers. At our best, we establish constant communication and updates to ease the process and show proactiveness.


#6 The “Lemme Get a Sample”

They don’t want to see what’s in your portfolio. These graphic design clients expect fresh designs for sampling purposes. In fact, sometimes they do not understand how time-consuming it can be for the designers. They wouldn’t pay for the samples too!

Bringing this matter to attention is crucial. Designers letting them know that their portfolios are the only sample spots for reference is important to avoid being misunderstood. Generally, the function of portfolios is for clients to look for design styles and get to know the designers’ skill set. From there, designers can easily present drafts of ideas proposed and make progress along the way until clients are satisfied.

That being it, the bottom line is that the key to a successful business relationship is to know the right solutions and produce the best outcomes. So wait no more, CONTACT US NOW to work with our best designers to help your business hit big with your design targets.

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