Digital Marketing for Fashion Brands that Actually Work


The fashion industry is rapidly evolving with new trends emerging every so often. However, in such a thriving industry, digital marketing for fashion brands is a must.

Since there is a thriving competition, your fashion brand needs strong efforts to maintain and grow a strong identity.

So, we uncover the 5 top tips to digital marketing for fashion brands to really spruce up your image.

The Fashion Industry in Malaysia 2021

Today’s fashionable items are frequently mass-produced and automated as opposed to hand-made. Furthermore, with the rise of mobile usage and the impact of COVID-19, eCommerce has become the primary selling channel.

Nonetheless, these fast changes push brands to fast decision-making to stay over water. So let’s first look at how they influenced the fashion industry in Malaysia.


More Competition

Fashion is such a wide industry with options of local, global, vegan, retailers, and wholesalers. Recent years have shown that even second-hand thrift stores have peaked in popularity.

With so many choices, the fashion industry has become more competitive which screams for innovative attempts to draw in consumers.


As a result of COVID-19, many people are now avoiding in-store shopping and turning to eCommerce platforms. Scrolling through catalogs, selecting items, and checking out online is the new norm.

To fit in with the times, fashion brands are creating an omnichannel experience to gain customers on both online and offline platforms.

Ethical Sourcing

The fashion industry is constantly criticized for its lack of sustainability and other ethical values. Now, people are becoming more aware of the carbon footprint left by clothing production, as well as the poor working conditions in sweatshops.

As a result of these factors, they are more responsible in their choices of fashion brands, especially fast fashion.


Digital Marketing Strategies for Fashion and Luxury Brands

For retailers in every industry, being flexible is important to adapt to new patterns of consumer behavior. So what kind of digital marketing strategies do we use in fashion marketing?

Clearly define target customers

Since fashion is a large industry, it is extremely helpful to clearly define your niche. You don’t want to sell kid clothing with an adult marketing plan, right?

Hence, determining your goal will help you settle on your unique sales point and which you can use to further distinguish your brand.

In any event, fashion brands should convey their message and principle effectively to their target customers.

Allow shopping on multiple channels

Combining offline and online stores can help expand your client base and increase brand influence. You can optimize your website, build social media accounts, or use online marketplaces in addition to physical stores.

But make sure to do market research and to see what platforms your customers prefer.

That is why fashion retailers are now employing multi-store management technologies to keep everything in order to manage and provide a complete omnichannel experience.

Create an omnichannel shopping experience

An omnichannel experience is made up of distinct touchpoints that are seamlessly connected across various shopping channels. Customers can, for example, purchase an item online and pick it up in a physical store.

However, creating an omnichannel business has its difficulties, such as expanding the number of touchpoints and managing inventory management.

With the advancement of technology, it has been much easier for fashion brands. By using a POS system with real-time synchronization can help connect numerous channels and give real-time product availability information.

Have a consistent brand image

It’s crucial to have a consistent fashion brand image to show consumers how you’re different from the competition.

Hence, be consistent in your communication pieces, such as employing the same brand logo, displaying the same color palette, or conveying identical brand messages across numerous platforms.

As a result, customers are more accustomed to these aspects over time, giving your brand a distinct “look” and “feel.”

Don’t lose focus on product quality

It doesn’t matter how skilled you are at marketing your fashion brand if your clothes quality falls short of buyer expectations. So remember to inspect the quality of your items from the beginning of the manufacturing process.

The materials, their durability, or the origins of the makers are all the basic criteria most buyers look for. Thus, make sure you’re offering the highest quality available for the price you’re asking.

In the end, while promotions can pull in potential customers, product quality helps hold loyal ones.


Fabulous Fashion Digital Marketing in 2021

Building a successful fashion brand takes a lot of time and effort, as well as a keen intellect.

Above all, the most important takeaway is to take advantage of technology and internet platforms. In such a fast-changing market, innovation and keeping up with the times are the keys to success.

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