Create Your Own Brand Voice

    1. Review Your Core Values

      Be your own you. Find out what you as the brand owner’s values for your business. Make it so your audience knows they should support you.

    2. Review Your Content

      Content is based on your target customer. What you like/dislike shouldn’t be the priority so review your content and avoid that.

    3. Study Your Audience

      You’re doing business but for whom? Get to know who exactly is interested in your product/service and centralize your strategy around them.

    4. Organize Brand Voice Data

      All your strategies are clearly managed if you organize your brand voice data. This will help prevent you to steer away from your brand voice.

    5. Create a Brand Guide

      Also known as a blueprint, a brand guide consists of all the aspects that make up a brand. All it entails should come together to create a cohesive brand experience.

Having your own brand is so much more than a name and look. Just like a person, a brand needs its own voice.

So, does your brand have a voice?

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