website designwebsite development for handcrafted batik company

Website development for handcrafted premium batik company

Yingen Batik Sdn Bhd

Professional Website Development & Design

Handmade and Intricate Batik Designs

Yingen Batik was established as a Batik trading company in 2006. Devoted to enhancing the Batik tradition, Yingen Batik is bringing out the potential of Batik for everyday casual apparel for all.

The Challenge

Yingen Batik sought help to raise its brand awareness after being in the batik industry for many years. Their main concern was to produce authentic Batik products created with premium fabrics and materials for ultimate comfort and charm that preserves the legacy of Batik.

Yingen Batik website

Our Role

We created a professional website development with excellent user experience, a responsive design, and the best calls to action to reach local and international markets. Our copywriters included strategic target keywords to target their target audience through optimized web content. We also optimized their website development with proper metadata, image tags, and alt tags.


We successfully optimized their website with SEO-focused keywords and exceeded their target objective. By increasing the chance of interested customers, Yingen Batik could finally focus on its business operations.


  • Better user experience
    Increases interested visitors and potential leads.
  • Focused CTA 
    Customers can contact Yinegn Batik with a contact form, Whatsapp button, and more.
  • Less cost 
    Targeted marketing reaches more accurate leads for improved ROI.

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