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Blue Archipelago Bhd

Professional Website Development and Packaging Design

Malaysia’s Premier Aquaculture Company

Blue Archipelago Berhad is an integrated aquaculture company dedicated to the production of sustainable shrimps with its own hatcheries, grow-out ponds, and processing plants to produce shrimps all-year round.

The Challenge

As a large aquaculture company based in Terengganu, their main concern was increasing its brand awareness and corporate image. As for their shrimp packaging, they wanted to maintain consistent branding to represent their premium brand of quality shrimp products.

Our Role

We developed a professional website with excellent user experience, a responsive design, and the best features to reach its target audience. Our copywriters optimized their web content and included proper metadata, image tags, and alt tags. As for their packaging, our packaging design team made sure to follow all their requirements and maintained a consistent look.


We successfully developed their website with optimized content and exceeded their target objective. By integrating great user experience, Blue Archipelago Berhad can focus on its business operations. Their shrimp packaging design also attracted more customers beyond Malaysia with their ideal branding strategy. All in all, their website development and packaging design project was successful.



  • Better user experience
    Increases interested visitors and potential leads.
  • Focused CTA 
    Visitors can easily find all Blue Archipelago Berhad contact information.

  • Less cost 
    Targeted marketing reaches more accurate leads for improved ROI.
  • Professional design
    Maintains consistent branding throughout all brand materials.
  • Increase brand awareness
    A well-designed website and packaging shows professional branding

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