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Biostar Cleaning Services

Professional Website & Company Profile Development

Reliable Cleaning Services

Biostar Cleaning Services is a professional cleaning company dedicated to providing customers with nothing less than the best cleaning services in Malaysia.

The Challenge

Biostar cleaning services is a fledgling cleaning company looking to get their name out in the industry. So, they came to us looking for effective web design and company profile solutions to aid them in the growth of their new business. They needed a professional website and a company profile to establish credibility with potential clients.

Biostar website

Our Role

To help Biostar Cleaning Services achieve their goals, we worked with them to develop a professional website and company profile. We created a user-friendly and responsive website that helps them reach potential customers looking for cleaning services. We also created a professional company profile highlighting the company and its purpose, goals, and benefits of working with them. Besides, we also provided complimentary stationery design services, which included the production of name cards and letterhead.


We have successfully created a website for Biostar Cleaning Services and designed a company profile which helped them build a corporate identity and connect with potential clients, business partners and investors.


  • Professional website 

    User-friendly and responsive website that can convert visitors to potential leads.

  • Effective company profile

    Showcases their services and expertise to potential clients, partners and investors.

  • Credibility

    Helps build credibility and differentiate themselves from the competition while highlighting their unique skills and expertise.

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