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Website development for engineering construction company in Malaysia

Sing Lian Ping Engineering Construction Sdn Bhd

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Superior Engineering Solutions

Founded in 1978, SLP Engineering is a reputable contractor of engineering solutions for refractory, abrasion-resistant, and corrosion protection. They have since grown to become one of the top engineers in Malaysia for many essential industries including oil & gas, power generation, cement, petrochemicals, and steel.

The Challenge

SLP wanted to enhance its brand awareness and quality leads online, especially during the pandemic where face-to-face marketing is nearly impossible. So, we formed a partnership to develop a successful digital marketing strategy based on SEO and content strategies to help increase their web traffic to showcase their refractory installation and engineering solutions.

website banner design for refractory engineering company

Our Role

We turned their old website 360° by implementing a great user experience, a responsive design, and the best-pitched calls to action for their refractory engineering services. Our copywriters expertly integrated focused keywords that target SLP’s precise audience through blog writing and web content. We also placed proper metadata, image tags, and alt tags to ensure a highly optimized website development.


We successfully optimized their website development with SEO-focused keywords and exceeded SLP’s target goals in just a few months. By increasing the likelihood of interested clients, SLP could finally direct their hours and costs into their engineering business operations.


  • Better user experience
    Increases interested visitors and potential leads.
  • Focused CTA 
    Potential clients can contact SLP with contact form, Whatsapp button, and more.
  • Less cost 
    Targeted marketing reaches more accurate leads for improved ROI.


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