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Mactruck Sdn Bhd

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Solutions to Your Material Handling Problems

Bullmax is an upcoming and thriving distributor and manufacturer of handling equipment for a wide range of industries since 2019. With a mission to become the top supplier of local handling equipment beyond borders, Bullmax consists of experienced, knowledgeable and certified technicians who ensure their equipment is of top factory- standards.

The Challenge

Using the traditional sales methods such as the door-to door-sales, it was a challenge for Matruck to keep the business going. The door-to-door sales were not effective as the chance to meet the person in charge was slim. Their salesperson was also not bringing actual leads and sales which creates a much bigger problem should the salesperson decide to resign as they will bring the existing customers away.

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Our Role

Since the target audience is the people who look for solutions, we created a responsive website with the right content marketing approach (keywords study and keyword optimization). We provide useful information and tips to educate potential customers about relevant topics such as the importance of safety at the workplace. We also utilized CTA in content marketing to generate more leads. Moreover, with the help of Google Ads Placement, the website and brand will have a wider reach among their targeted audience. Furthermore, to make the website appear lively and trustable, we updated the website frequently.


With perseverance, we have managed to successfully optimize the website using relevant keywords. The website can easily be found and visited by potential customers via any search engine, mainly Google. With a content marketing approach, Bullmax does not need to spend more time on customers who do not have intention to buy their products, hence, man hours are reduced and more costs can be saved.

On top of that, Bullmax has also received numerous local and overseas potential enquiries via the digital channel.


  • Save time

    Only those who are interested will contact Bullmax either through online, phone calls or walk-ins.

  • Reduced man hours

    With direct contact, Bullmax can automatically follow up with potential customers.

  • Save resources

    Bullmax only needs to hire a sales admin to handle potential enquiries instead of hiring multiple salesperson.

  • Save costs

    Acquiring more leads using the one-to-many sales method instead of the one-to-one sales method.

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