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Boxter Global Sdn Bhd

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Make Every Step A Safe One

Boxter is a one-stop solution for all your safety shoes needs and requirements in Malaysia. As one of the top safety shoes suppliers in Malaysia, Boxter specializes in offering the most comprehensive safety shoes with state-of-art technology that is guaranteed to give the feet maximum protection and comfort at work.

The Challenge

For Boxter, it was challenging to run a business using traditional methods. Mainly, it was nearly impossible to meet every person in charge with door-to-door sales. Hence, it was a struggle to create sales. At the same time, Boxter was also having difficulty with their salesperson as they were not bringing in actual potential leads and sales. Moreover, if a salesperson decides to resign, there is a risk of him or her bringing the customers away.

safety shoes for every workplace

Our Role

To generate more leads and sales, we decided it was best to create a website with proper content marketing.

As part of content marketing, we conducted keywords study and keywords optimization to attract their target audience and increase leads. Using content marketing, we provide useful information to educate consumers as well as other useful tips and solutions. We also incorporated effective call-to-action (CTA) in order to provoke an immediate response from the audience. Not only that, we add placements on Google Ads to reach a greater audience and gain more traffic.

Apart from that, we give Boxter’s website a monthly update to ensure that the website stays updated and legitimate. By doing this, we can gain customers’ trust and loyalty.


We have successfully optimized Boxter’s website with relevant keywords. Now, potential customers can easily find the solutions they need via search engine and visit the website. Furthermore, we have helped Boxter to greatly reduce the time spent to approach customers who do not have any intention in buying their products. Boxter has also received numbers of enquiries from both local and overseas potential customers. Moreover, Boxter can automatically follow up with potential customers to close sales. As a result, it has reduced man hours and saved business costs.


  • Save time

    Only those who are interested will contact Boxter either through online, phone calls or walk-ins.

  • Reduced man hours

    With direct contact, Boxter can automatically follow up with potential customers.

  • Save resources

    Boxter only needs to hire a sales admin to handle potential enquiries instead of hiring multiple salesperson.

  • Save costs

    Acquiring more leads using the one-to-many sales method instead of the one-to-one sales method.

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