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B&F Group is a construction machinery distributor and manufacturer in Malaysia. Since its inception in 1971, B&F Group has grown to be one of the leading companies in Southeast Asia among its peers. To meet the ever changing clients needs, B&F work hard to satisfy their clients with high quality products and services.

The Challenge

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic going rampage worldwide, face-to-face marketing was put to a halt. B&F Group had to find a better way to run their business during the pandemic, and it was then B&F Group decided to use the online platform to generate more potential leads.

heavy construction equipment website design

Our Role

We redesigned the whole website to make it user friendly and mobile responsive with compelling call-to-action (CTA) that prompt the customers to click on it. We also use content marketing with proper keywords study and keyword optimization to gain more traffic and increasing leads. We also reach more people online with targeted Google Ads Placement. Furthermore, to help educate customers, we provide useful information. This helps in increasing traffic and leads as well. Apart from that, the website is given a monthly update to make sure it stays updated and errors free. Not only that, it makes the website more attractive and trustable.


We have successfully optimized the website with relevant keywords. Therefore, the website is easier to find by potential customers online. All the time spent on individual customers who are not interested in buying the products are heavily reduced. Hence, B&F Group can now focus on targeted potential leads who are guaranteed to bring sales.


  • Better website 

    User friendly and mobile responsive website that can convert visitors to potential leads.

  • Save time

    Only those that are interested in the products will contact B&F Group either through online, phone calls or walk-ins.

  • Save costs

    Reach more accurate potential leads with targeted marketing.

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