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Corporate Design Development for the Timber Products Supplier

Venus Resources Sdn Bhd

Finessing the Corporate Design

 Fueled by the Force of the Forest

Venus Resources manufactures wood chips produced from sustainably managed forests. They also are in the business of trading biomass and timber-based products along with logging and marketing services for the local timber industry in Malaysia.

With 2 production hubs in Malaysia to process wood chips and future plans to increase yields and products to reach a broader market, Venus Resources are successfully reducing the harsh impact on the environment by changing the way energy is generated, supplied, and used.

The Challenge

The wood chips market has grown significantly due to the rising demand from the pulp sector, which uses wood chips to produce pulp. A more significant factor is the rising demand for renewable energy sources such as biomass for a greener future.

With such a promising future, Venus Resources took the initiative to penetrate international borders with their potential for exceeding revenue. However, it was quite impossible to convince supporters with such an outdated brand image.

Venus Resources website

Our Role

To have a global presence, a professional brand image is crucial to represent the company. So we started off by redesigning their printed corporate profile by incorporating their signature brand colors. We pinpointed their target audience and included relevant content to really highlight their edge.

We also worked on a business pitch project together for investor funding. This needed extra brainstorming to guarantee the most profitable outcome. Hence, not only did we develop a solid business pitch presentation, but our team also created a corporate video to wow their prospects.

Another critical corporate design project we collaborated on was their website development. To put their company on the global map, they gave us the reins to develop a world-standard corporate website to represent their expertise. By incorporating well-structured content and lead-driven CTA, we maximized the website’s overall functionality and user experience.


To bridge the gap across international waters, Venus Resources cleverly showcased their branding materials we helped designed to prove their credibility. Throughout our corporate design project, we established an updated look and feel of their brand to elevate their brand awareness and successfully bring in prospective clients.

Better Perks

  • Better branding

    No matter how industrial the company, branding is a necessary step for stale brands to connect with potential clients.

  • Better website

    With their own domain and web optimization, Venus Resources can dominate their local competitors easily.

  • Better reach

    Now it is easier to obtain potential investors and clients effectively.

  • Brand awareness

    Opening more windows of opportunities to better broadcast their company.

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