content marketing for pest control services company

Content marketing for professional pest control company

PestMaster Sdn Bhd

Content Marketing for Web Conversions

15+ Years of Professional Pest Control

Pestmaster began its operation in 2006 and has been a trusted, reliable and professional pest control treatment provider ever since. Pestmaster provides quality and effective environmental-friendly services and products for pest control treatment.

The Challenge

There are many pest control companies in Malaysia that offer similar services to Pestmaster. Because of the growing numbers, Pestmaster needed to find other ways to stay above their competitors. Since the pest control industry is fairly traditional, Pestmaster found that digital marketing is a very promising strategy to boost their brand.

Our Role

Their old website was very outdated and static with little to no conversions. Hence, we developed a new website for them with a more UX and UI friendly approach.

To generate more web conversions, we also improved their content marketing by refining their keywords and optimizing them within their whole website.


Before long, we succeeded in optimizing their website by developing a new SEO-friendly development and professional design. New clients inquired their services almost instantly. With such improvement, Pestmaster was able to cut down their time and expenses by eliminating cold-calls. By creating monthly content such as blogs and information, Pestmaster received more leads than ever with content marketing.


  • Better website 

    More potential leads can be gained with a user friendly and responsive website.

  • Save time

    Only those that are interested in their services will contact Pestmaster either through online, phone calls or walk-ins.

  • Save costs

    Reach accurate leads with targeted marketing.

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