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Asime Sdn Bhd

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20 Years of Perfected Precision

Asime is a cutting tools manufacturer in Malaysia. It was founded in 2001 to meet the growing demand in tool manufacturing. Combining their extensive skills, technical knowledge and advanced technology, their product line has upgraded to include all kinds of high grade cutting tools including custom cutting tools. The company has grown by leaps and bounds, establishing a solid reputation among its peers and clients by providing quality products and reliable solutions to the machine tools industry.

The Challenge

Covid-19 pandemic has given the biggest yet one of the greatest challenges that Asime had to overcome. Face-to-face marketing was impossible to do during the pandemic which was a problem if they wanted to keep the business running. To avoid this, Asime decided to focus more on an online platform to generate more potential leads.

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Our Role

We redesigned Asime’s website to make it appear more user friendly and mobile responsive. We also incorporated content marketing as part of generating more traffic and leads to the website with proper keywords study and optimization. To do that, we provide useful information to educate customers and persuade them to buy the products and services.


With relevant keywords, we have successfully optimized the website that makes the website easily found by potential customers. With increased traffic, Asime has received both local and overseas enquiries. Asime has also managed to save more time and costs as they do not have to spend time on customers who have no intention to purchase their products.


  • Better website 

    More potential leads can be gained with a user friendly and mobile responsive website.

  • Save time

    Only those that are interested in the products will contact ASIME either through online, phone calls or walk-ins.

  • Save costs

    Reach more accurate potential leads with targeted marketing.

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