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Company Profile and Website Development for First Aid Products Supplier

MediShield First Aid Supplies Sdn Bhd

Professional Company Profile & Website Development

Top-grade First Aid Supplies

MediShield First Aid Supplies Sdn Bhd manufactures and sells quality first-aid kits and related first-aid products designed for industries, businesses, motor vehicles, and residential use.

The Challenge

Medishield noticed a growing demand for first aid kits and supplies. So, to properly represent their brand for their customer base, Medishield first decided to create a corporate profile before developing their own website. However, to purposefully attract their target market, they needed professional help to portray their business well. Hence, they needed to create an effective company profile and website development.

Our Role

Medishield provided us with their goals and objectives, which we strived hard to meet. We worked closely with them to create a professional corporate profile including copywriting and printing. We then proceeded to develop their website with an excellent UI/UX design.


We first completed Medishield’s company profile which accurately portrayed their business for potential prospects and business opportunities. Then, we successfully created a website development and design complete with content writing and a consistent brand identity that accurately represents their business.


  • Purposeful Company Profile

    Showcase their products and services to potential clients, partners and investors.

  • Professional Website 

    User-friendly and responsive website that can convert visitors to potential leads.

  • Brand Identity

    Consistent brand identity in their company profile and website development for a competitive advantage, while also giving the best possible experience.

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