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Breakfast made better

Start your day with something to enjoy – that’s what Three Sisters brings with their breakfast beverages. At first, they were a lone manufacturer of instant coffee mix and healthy breakfast cereal drinks, but their growth led them to be more with their own line of brands. The Three Sisters team believes in better breakfast options for all ages without the use of harmful preservatives that you won’t want to miss.

The Challenge

The OEM market is a tough one to crack but Three Sisters believe that with the right approach and diligence, their brand has the potential. However, the competition in the OEM industry is challenging which leads to less revenue. So, in efforts to counter the loss, Three Sisters wish to create their own brands.

To bring in more customers, we collaborated with Three Sisters to create their brands Wellscafe and Vitagrains33. We provided cohesive digital solutions by developing a responsive website and refined content marketing including monthly blogs, updated web information, and magnetic CTA. Our SEO specialists also worked on meticulous keyword planning to produce valuable and quality content. We also brainstormed on social media marketing to entice Three Sisters’ potential customers with lead-generating content.

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Our Role

We revamped their brand to a whole other level. Other than their packaging, we provided robust digital solutions by developing a new responsive website to entertain their potential visitors. This included monthly web optimization for an updated and lively look, content marketing across their online presence, SEO keywords study, and value-driven CTA. With a goal to reach businesses and end-consumers, we collaborated on an optimized site structure, on-page content, and functionality.


To promote their online sales, Three Sisters developed brands that spoke directly to their target customers. By creating fitting brands for their packaged breakfast products, we enabled the opportunity for them to make other quality brands. Not only did we manage to help them grow online, but we also plunged into creative digital strategies for enhanced online brand awareness and noticeable organic lead generation.


  • Better branding

    Products bring in new customers, proper branding keeps them.

  • Better website

    Three Sisters can enable an online purchase function for secure transactions.

  • Less cost

    Targeted marketing reaches more accurate leads for improved ROI.

  • Brand awareness

    Endless opportunities to promote their brand through social media.

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