Website Redevelopment and Digital Marketing for Compost Grown Vegetable Supplier

Grace Cup Sdn. Bhd.

Website Redevelopment and Digital Marketing

Compost Grown Vegetable Supplier in Malaysia

Grace Cup is a supplier of the highest quality of vegetables grown on compost in the most natural way possible. Compost grown vegetables are high in nutrients and they taste better than traditionally grown vegetables.

The Challenges

Grace Cup was in need of a redevelopment of their website. Their old website was outdated and unresponsive, leading to poor engagement rates and visitor retention. They were also in need of digital marketing to help improve brand awareness and bring more sales.

Our Role

To help Grace Cup reach their goals, we worked closely with them to redevelop their website while still keeping their brand identity intact. We used our expertise in web design and SEO to create a new site that is easy for visitors to use and for Google to index properly. We also helped them to develop a digital marketing strategy that reflected their brand, gave potential customers confidence in their products and made it easy for customers to get a sense of who they were. We did this by creating blog posts, landing pages as well as social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business.


We have successfully redevelop Grace Cup’s website which helped to improve the overall customer experience by making it more functional and user-friendly. The redesigned website is now more intuitive and easy to use, which means that customers will be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. We also helped them gained brand awareness by creating a content marketing plan that would reach their target audience, as well as social media marketing campaigns so they could be seen on various platforms.


  • Professional website 

    Functional and user-friendly website.

  • Brand awareness

    Showcase their products to potential clients through multiple mediums.

  • Content that converts

    Create content that converts their target audience into customers.

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