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Website and company profile development for healthcare company

MEDINICS (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Professional Website & Company Profile Development

Diverse Healthcare Solutions

MEDINICS is a healthcare company focused on improving lives by providing world-class rate products and services that help bridge the gap between healthcare providers and the communities they serve.

The Challenge

MEDINICS was in need of a new website design and company profile. Their old website and company profile was outdated and did not accurately reflect their brand. Both the website and company profile needed to be updated with new information as well as have a look that would align with the overall image that MEDINICS wanted to portray.

Medinics website

Our Role

To help MEDINICS reach their goals, we worked closely with them to develop a new website that reflected what they do best: providing quality products and services for the healthcare industry. We also created a new company profile that highlighted their values and strength as an organization. Besides, we also provided complimentary stationery design services, which included the production of name cards.


We have successfully created a website for MEDINICS which helped to improve the overall customer experience by creating an engaging environment where customers can learn about the products and services offered by MEDINICS. We also successfully designed a matching company profile that helped them build a corporate identity and connect with potential clients, business partners, and investors. This allowed us to create a cohesive brand image across all mediums, which helped them stand out among competitors in their industry.


  • Professional website 

    User-friendly and responsive website that can convert visitors to potential leads.

  • Effective company profile

    Showcase their services and expertise to potential clients, partners and investors.

  • Brand Identity

    Create a brand identity that will give them a competitive advantage, while also giving their customers the best possible experience.

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