Branding, Packaging, and Website Development for Pineapple Tarts Producer

Bahtera Chakra Sdn Bhd

Branding, Packaging, and Website Development

Super Buttery, Super Fluffy Pineapple Tarts

Bahtera Chakra Sdn Bhd was founded in 2021 and created the Ohhya brand for its well-loved pineapple tarts. They create confections and bites of bliss for end customers and distributors while also offering OEM services to develop their own brands.

The Challenge

You can easily find pineapple tarts of all shapes and sizes when celebrations are near. It is a staple cookie for every cultural celebration for its delectable taste and texture. Because of this, it is a very competitive market that needs proper marketing strategies.  Many pineapple tarts are homemade and so Ohhya took this opportunity to better market their products and brand.


Our Role

First, we started on their brand development which includes designing their brand logo and developing their brand story. Once that was complete, we then proceeded with the packaging design of their delicious treats while incorporating their brand image. This included compliant label content based on Malaysian Regulations to make their packaging as complete as possible.

Then, as another effort for marketing their brand, we provided website development with an amazing UI/UX design, content marketing, and easy navigation. We showcased their products in the limelight by capturing their best features that visitors will appreciate.


We successfully optimized their website with a professional design and helpful content that exceeded their target objective. By increasing the chance of interested customers, Ohhya could finally focus on its business operations and sales.


  • Increase brand awareness
    A consistent brand image is attractive and effective

  • Improved packaging
    Stand-out packaging design to attract buyers
  • Compliant labeling
    Follows Malaysian Regulations to increase compliance and confidence
  • Better user experience
    Increases interested visitors and potential leads
  • Focused CTA 
    Customers can contact Ohhya with a contact form, linked email, and responsive contact numbers

  • Less cost 
    Targeted marketing reaches more accurate leads for improved ROI

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