5 Super Successful Google Ads Practices (Version 2020)

How to Write Google ads in 5 Successful Ways (2020)

“Only 25 characters for the headline?
Using the phrase ‘Stop what you’re doing and click here’ is an aggressive approach?
But that’s what I want them to do. And, I can’t seem to say everything I want to here…”

Writing short Google ads and writing result-yielding ones make two different scenarios. However, there is a fine line to knowing which is an effective ad or otherwise. Just an early warning, it could be a little frustrating to fit your ad copy into a tiny space.

More than that, you should know that you are not the only one advertising your products or services under the industry. So, to outshine from your competitors, you got to apply these practices to write effective yet powerful Google ads for your business that bring your ads higher click-through rates, higher Quality Scores and higher conversion rates.

How do I write a successful Google ad?

1. Drive Google ads with Keywords


Figuring out the right words to use and the best keyword insertion for your Google ads have great potential to create high conversion rates. However, you will realise that everyone is talking about the same things bidding on similar words. How to solve this?

You should focus on what people ultimately want to accomplish with the help of your product or services. Then, you will discover several most searched keywords and choose the most suitable ones that ideally have a lesser competition to stand out from your competitors.

Sentence made easy, put yourself in their shoes and you will know what are the possible words or phrases they type for in regards to your industry, products or services. How do you technically find highly targeted keywords? Make use of our best Google Ads Keyword Planner and Google Trends!

A step-by-step guide to building a potential keyword list:

  1. Think like your customers when looking for keywords. 
  2. Select specific keywords relating to a specific group of audience.
  3. Type them on Google Keyword Planner to see their performances and competition.
  4. Select general keywords to reach a bigger audience group.
  5. Check on the performances on Google Trends to suit the geographical factor.
  6. Group similar keywords into ad groups. 


If you find Keyword research to be overwhelming, don’t break your head. Get the professionals to do it for you! (P/S: We are talking about us).

2. Keep Google ads current

Would you want to buy information from someone who is not in-trend? It makes you nothing but a fool. So, knowing trends, knowledge, systems and many other things in life are changing fast, it is compulsory for you to be in-trend. Stay updated!

Getting to Google ads, this is the subject of time in which you need to be relevant to your audience with events that recently happened or is about to happen in the near future. This concept of being current and timely is pretty intuitive whereby you will get more eyeballs looking at your ads if you mention something that recently happened. They are not interested to know what happened 3 months ago. Consider ads like breaking news!

For example:

You can enjoy an additional 10% OFF during this 10.10 PROMOTION at FoodieYoda.

Finest Dining in Malaysia. RSVP NOW!

Here, people on the internet know that dates such as 10.10, 11.11, 12.12 are celebrated with promotions and sales almost everywhere online. So, an ad like this appearing on special months triggers people to fit in the fun and hype. In easy words, it’s cooler to grab a promotion on special events than regular days.

3. Get very specific

People digest numbers faster than words. So, incorporating your ad copy with numbers can make your audience to easily understand your content while you appear to be credible.

If an ad said,

FoodieYoda – A Dining Space with the Best View in Puchong.
80 out of 100 workaholics enjoy dining here.

Wouldn’t other working adults in Klang Valley or Malaysia have the urge to try their food too?

Creating such compelling content will make your niche audience curious and want to know further on your products or services. Hence, creating a higher click-through rate at greater confidence level.

Also, mentioning accurate numbers make your ad credible in which people understand that you have done your research and you know what you are talking about. Numbers too, have the power to create visual images of how relaxing and entertaining the ambience in the restaurant must be that workaholics enjoy their dining time there either with their loved ones or friends.

Knowing that getting very specific can convey so much directly and indirectly, why not make use of it. Also, you will get to save more word count. Now, that’s a jackpot!

You can get more specific by writing out the exact number. The more specific you are, the more believable you become. And, the more believable you become, the bigger the chances for your audience to click on your ad and enjoy your products or services.

4. Write personal copies


Google ads are not about you but what you can do for your audience. Are you familiar with ads that mention “I”, “me”, “us” and “we”? Yes, we are on the same page. Let’s not fall into the trap of being egocentric.

Words mentioned above have proven to fail to focus on customer’s needs that eventually hurt your chances of getting a click, what more conversion on your landing page. Think about how you resonate with someone – when someone looks at you and says, “You!” right? The same applies here.

While you have gotten the right Pronouns to use, you must now connect your focus into writing a content that best relates to your audience.

For instance, FoodieYoda is a dining restaurant that has the best ambience for the working adults, especially the workaholics, then you will have to relate very closely to their lifestyle to make them say a big “YES” to you.

How we wish we could mention our visitors’ first name on our Google ads automatically. While that is yet to manifest, we shall settle for the second-best. We connect to them using power words and relevant content.

Also, speaking of personal copies not only do they apply on Google ads but in Content Marketing too. If you had not known, they work hand-in-hand with the right keywords to boost your appearance on the internet. Get to know about the 2020 Content Marketing Practices too.

5. A/B Test your Google ads

The next best thing you can do after creating a series of ad samples is to try your heart out. If it’s not A, then B and keep going till you find the best outcome. You have something that many don’t. The driving power. So many of your competitors worry about everything but writing better ads. So, you are dang sure about what you can nail and create conversions into your business. You have the guns loaded to make your Google ads, the best-performing ads in your industry.

Hence, all that’s left is to test. Get started and don’t stop till you have found the best approach.

Work it till you Make it!

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