Why Product Packaging Is Important

It's the inside that counts.

Yeah, right. Unless you already have a large consumer devoted to your product, your packaging is the biggest factor that attracts future buyers.

Why is it important?

    1. Function

      The packaging should keep the product safely inside and durable enough for transport.

    2. Attraction

      Out of all the 100 brands selling the same product as you, don’t try to fit in. STAND OUT!

    3. Promotion

      Design is one thing, but don’t be vague about your product. Mysterious products don’t sell well.

    4. Facilitation

      People nowadays scrutinize over every ingredient nowadays so put them on display to facilitate their purchase.

    5. Differentiation

      Apply your brand colors and logo on the packaging so people can differentiate your brand CLEARLY.

Chill! If it’s too much for you to think about, lay the burden on us. Potential purchasers will buy your product like a moth to a flame!

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