Stress-free Toolkit to Create Big Shot Brand Strategy

Stress-free Toolkit to Create Big Shot Brand Strategy

Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

Branding is the backbone of every business. You can ‘tutup kedai’ if you disagree with us. Now, let’s get into brand strategy!

We cannot stress enough on how crucial it is to spend some time on brainstorming suitable brand strategies for your brand. Especially before executing them at your best. The ultimate reason being, nobody wants to waste time or miss out on trends that can contribute huge revenue into your business account. So, long story short, think twice before overlooking on brand strategy.

Getting to business, a brand strategy is never about slapping together a couple of ideas and a logo alone. It is beyond what the eye can see. Getting more into outshining others in the industry, being trustworthy, memorable and likeable by your ideal customers. All of the mentioned while conveying a deeper purpose of your brand and promising customers on making their lives better with the solution(s) you provide. You need to speak of all the mentioned in a creative way so your community looks at you and values your brand.

Sounds a little overwhelming, ain’t it? Well, which is why we are here. There is no exact rubric to creating a brand strategy in which you could talk about anything that speaks of your brand. Which makes the work more difficult because you got to do the right thing anyway. We discovered a stress-free toolkit for you to create a brand strategy as the Big Shots do. So, let’s get started!

#01 Analyse & Research Brand

As off with any research, the most robust methodology includes information taken from multiple reliable sources. But investing time wisely into research methods that develop you a more detailed picture of the landscape and reduce the possibilities for bias is the highest priority here. This too means that you will need to approach potentially reliable participants and not any random groups.

You may first start off by figuring out the objective of your research – be it finding who your target audiences are, your competitors, selling point, admired features, services, etc. Later, you will find it easier to construct your questions. There are many ways for you to go about conducting research but the most common ones are the survey whether online or physical and interview sessions.

a. Survey

A survey is the good old fashioned that still produces a great source of consumer views on brands and products. You can play with numbers here as this approach uses an obvious quantitative research method. With the growth of technology in time, a physical and direct survey had evolved into an online one without disregarding the credibility of the responses. Once you have figured out the set of questions you want to ask, you can either conduct the survey in person, by telephone or online.

Many of the times you are not sure who your targeted audiences are if you are newly starting a business. Hence, the best way to get the survey reaching the right group of people is by looking out to online platforms that have possible groups of people ready for your survey. All you will require to do is put in your questions and the platform gives you credible results for you to move on with the next steps of your branding creating process.

If you already know your group of participants for your survey, then you could always lay the questions on Google Form or other online survey software and share around until you get enough responses. Also, it is a bigger plus point if you know the hacks to ask the right questions.

b. Interview

Conducting qualitative research methodology, you must best believe to be active and committed throughout the process for it consumes quite a long time and energy to get through with. Nevertheless, the journey is worthy because you will get a clearer vision of what to look out for and have the access to customise questions according to your category of participants. That being said, you can also choose to have a one-to-one interviewing session or with a focus group.

Asking open-ended questions allows you to gain deeper perceptions, opinions and emotional responses towards your brand, product or services, especially when you are rebranding. This way you can prevent bias as much as possible so you get to know the reality of your business stage. Believe us when we say this, the first step to doing something is always the most difficult one. The same is here. Once you get done with the research and analysis, you can sigh as long as you want (sigh of relieve, of course!)

#02 Define Brand as Brand Strategy


Before your potential customers and working team know about your brand, you have to first identify what your brand defines to you. This is because a brand can mean differently to different people at different times. But, the most important definition of it is what you tell them first. Now, you may have a sentence to explain what your brand means to you, but, the definition that we are talking about here is more than a sentence. Look out for these questions to define your brand well.

a. Why is your brand here?

b. What value(s) does your brand represent?

c. What culture does your brand practices?

d. How is your brand different from others?

As you construct your ideas here, you will then clearly understand what your brand represents. From here on, you will move to the next step in creating a brand strategy.

#03 Position of Brand as Brand Strategy

Where your brand stands in the market is very important. Brand positioning is the process of positioning your brand in the mind of your customers. But how to know where we stand? Find out all about your brand’s capabilities and the differences it holds from its competitors. Then, study your competitors’ brand position and how they position themselves in the market. Later, compare the uniqueness and you will know where your brand can do better. Also, don’t forget to always test the efficacy of your new strategies.

#04 Brand Story as Brand Strategy

A brand story is all about storytelling. So, you must make it as memorable as possible that every person who comes to know about your story will not be able to forget the emotions that lie behind your brand. A powerful brand story has the ability to build a connection so strong with its audience.

That being said, it is your job to connect those dots by creating a personality to make the story come alive. We are sure you have a great story to tell about your brand but only when the story is vocalised in the right tone and approach will it reach your audience the same way you wish it to. To get here, it is conceptually straightforward. Write out your,

a. Problem

b. Solution

c. Success

Keep the concept simple and unpack all the unnecessary parts of the story. Your audiences only want to know what they want to know. Simplicity is key here though the complex stories of the Harry Potter series are very appealing. That approach is not applicable here, my dear. So, start off with the problem that you wanted to set out to solve and explain the journey of how you solved it and later get excited about the success you produced. Remember, when you vibe out excitement, your audiences will be excited too.

#05 Vision & Mission of Company & Brand


‘By now, you should know that your brand is a reflection of what you stand for so you will need to make sure it aligns with the values and purpose of your business perfectly. Work on clear vision and mission statements and they will do you a great favour in the long run preventing you to be drifted away from your values.

a. Vision statement

Here is where you define your long-term aspirations in which it explains why you are doing what you are doing and the ultimate good you would like to achieve through your successes. It basically defines where you want your work to lead you in the end.

Example: Walt Disney’s –

“To be one of the world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment and information.”

b. Mission statement

Mission, on the other hand, explains the purpose of your work and the effect you aim to have on the world around you. It mentions what you do for others and the approach you choose to follow as you aim to achieve the aspirations you have set. In short, it is your route in which you intend to follow to achieve your vision.

Example: Walt Disney’s –

Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate our content, services and consumer products, we seek to develop the most creative, innovative and profitable entertainment experiences and related products in the world.” 

#06 R&D Innovations of Company & Brand

We will keep it short and simple for you here. From the entire reach and development done for your brand, you will have a clear visual of the way your brand and business stand out from your competitors in the same industry. With the pluses of your rivals, you can innovate traditional and available ideas into new-born ideas that do not exist just yet. Hence, making your brand more valuable and significant to your customers and audiences.

You may pin up the current pluses and minuses of your products and services and analyse how they are not resolving certain problems. Then, research on rivals that are able to resolve the issues. If you happen to find any, make them your inspirations and identify how you can innovate the idea to make it look original and unique. Or, you may come up with a completely new and different idea that speaks of your values.

#07 CEO Statements on Company & Brand as Brand Strategy

“Your CEO is the Key to Successful Brand Strategy”

Best believe that your CEO’s personal brand speaks a lot about how he or she runs a business. It reflects so much about your company’s values and lends credibility to everyone else on the executive team. So, never skip the CEO statements as part of your brand strategy, especially when writing one. A powerful, positive and impactful statement will contribute to the long-term growth of the brand.

So, bear in mind that you have to make every word count for it boosts credibility and exposure of your brand.

Pay Close Attention to Details

Every information that you choose to present as an outcome of your brand strategy matters. Hence, during this process simply get in the zone so you can produce the best result possible for your brand.

This phase of creating an impeccable brand could be quite challenging as you might need to figure out many things out of in-depth research so you discover what is real in the industry and not mere theory that you read on the Internet. Research and analysis are surely more than what you see on the Net. On a side note, you might be interested to know about some of our best discovered Content Marketing Tips to Maximise Audience Engagement.

So, if you happen to face difficulty to put your legs in many places, we assure you that you can rely on our Branding Experts as we have been in this field for more than a decade now. You will be in great hands. Get the most out of us by clicking the button below, filling out your details and pass the baton to us. We will contact you the soonest possible.

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