Common UI/UX Mistakes Designers Make

Think you’ve got UI/UX Design all figured out? Think again.

We’ve come across loads of websites that are just screaming for help. We took notes on what their mistakes were and here are the most common.

If you’re a web designer, keep this in your notes the next time you’re designing a responsive website.

  1. Visuals or Usables?

    First impressions are good, but a timeless user experience is better

  2. Mainstream Trends

    Design that drives results. Don’t just follow design trends blindly.

  3. Buttons or Buttoffs?

    Use your buttons wisely. Users tend to click on buttons paired with great CTA. Don’t confuse them!

  4. Animations Galore

    It’s easy to get carried away with transitions and animations. DON’T. You’ll thank us later.

  5. Too. Many. Words.

    Remember the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’? It still applies in 2020, maybe even more so!

  6. Know your audience

    To assume is not to know. Put your thinking hat on and research on your users to apply in the process.

  7. All design and no content makes Jack a dull boy

    Content is king. Don’t just focus on the design and leave content behind (hey, that rhymes).

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