Colour Tips For Every Graphic Designer

Our group of designers have a LOT of experience working with clients and how to create brilliant brands. What most brands don’t know is how intricate it is to even choose COLORS!

We’ll fill you in on the secret to picking the ??????? colors to design your next artwork.

  • Personal Preference
    Don’t be afraid to try and apply your own personal touch. Who knows? Once your client sees your creativity with their brand, they might sign a long term deal!
  • Consider the Industry
    Food brand? Don’t use brown. Nature brand? Don’t use red. So many rules yet all so necessary! The client’s target market will be subconsciously affected by your choice of colors so do the RESEARCH.
  • Create a Vibe
    Everything needs consistency. Opt for colors that meld well with each other. Be safe and stick to 4 colors or less so viewers aren’t too distracted by the design.
  • Refer Trends
    You could be trendsetter but before you do, get on the bandwagon and apply similar styles of color schemes that would go remarkably with the content.
  • Emotional Reaction
    Once you’re done. Look at the bigger picture and note down how you feel if someone else did this. Are you happy with it? Have some good eyes to review your work to reach its full potential.

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